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Columbus State University Well-being Program - Columbus State University

Human Resources

Columbus State University Well-being Program

Partnered with USG Well-Being

Be a part of the journey!

USG cares about your health and well-being. That's why we've enhanced the program with an engaging way to work on your well-being.

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Snacks and Chats

Join the fun and learn ways to improve your wellness!

CSU Well-Being Presentations
Location: SRC Conference Room
Time: 11:00am

This interactive environment allows for discussion and sharing of ideas. Participants can apply this information to both their work and personal lives.

  • August 31 - Start Your Healthy Sleep Habits
  • September 28 - Understanding Personal Emotional Triggers
  • October 26 - Healthy Boundaries and Work-Life Balance
  • December 15 - Creating a Resilient Mindset
  • February 22 - Powerful Communication
  • March 30 - Work Smarter, Not Harder – Become a Time Management Master
  • April 27 - Mindfulness at Work

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Walk with CSU

Are you looking for an easy way to get healthy with your busy schedule? Interested in finding an activity that can be both social and beneficial to your health? Walking is a relatively easy, accessible exercise that can help maintain a healthy weight, prevent and reduce heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, improve your mood, improve sleep and supports your joints, just to name a few benefits.

two footprintsJoin the CSU Walking Group!two footprints
Walking time vary. Join the walking chat to contacting Lashica Thomasto receive updates on times
Open to all CSU Employees!

New Walking Trails

Two new walking trails coming soon! Check out the map with our two current walking trails!

AIG Financial Workshops: Learn How to Shape Your Financial Future

You’re invited to an in-person workshop!

Register now to attend a free educational workshop conducted by knowledgeable professional on the financial topics that are important to your future.

Topics include:

  • Cash Management
  • Planning for Financial Security
  • Your Retirement Plan at Work
  • Financial Wellness

Check out the full calendar and reserve your spot at AIG Financial Workshops Events and Registration

Well-Being and Health Care Support

Columbus State University cares about you and your family's health! That's why we have partnered with Board of Regents and BCBSGa to provide wellness benefits and health care support when you need it. Take advantage of these programs to keep you and your family healthy throughout the year:

  • Preventive exams – covered under the health care plans at 100%! Take action and proactively manage your health before a serious medical condition occurs.
  • On-line health risk assessment – measures how well you are doing managing your health, on-line health and wellness information, discounts on health-related products and alternative medicine therapies available on-line at or at
  • 24/7 NurseLine
  • Health support programs for employees with on-going conditions or for those coping with a serious illness. These programs provide you with information about your condition and help you keep on schedule with doctors visits and medications.
  • The USG seeks to improve well-being by providing opportunities and resources to enhance health and wellness with healthy habits.
  • Student Recreation Center memberships through payroll deduction; memberships for Employee and/or Spouse, dependents (16 and older), or a sponsored member.

More USG Well-Being Resources

Money Mondays

Money Mondays are monthly financial education workshops with a WebEx format which will be broadcast to the entire USG. These workshops provide:

  • Guidance to employees who may be stressed about economic conditions, market fluctuations, and their personal finances.
  • Education about benefits in the context of personal financial planning including saving, investing, debt management, and planning for the unexpected.

Upcoming Financial Workshops

Ask Cody

Ask Cody