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Holiday Schedules - Columbus State University

Human Resources

Holiday Schedules


CSU employees receive the benefit of 13 paid holidays per calendar year. CSU will be closed for business in observance of the holidays, although minimal staff/services will be in certain departments.


Regular employees are compensated for these holidays provided that they are in a paid status on the business days immediately before and after the holiday. Full time employees are paid holiday time for an 8 hour work day. Compensation for part time regular benefited employees (20-29 hours) is calculated at the relative percentage of their full time equivalency.

Observance of Religious Holidays

All employees and students are responsible for negotiating their needs around religious practices with their supervisor or professor. Employees may use vacation time for religious holidays and questions may be referred to Human Resources.


Columbus State University will be closed on the following holidays in 2022:

Date Holiday
January 17th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
May 30th Memorial Day
June 20th Juneteenth
July 4th Independence Day
September 5th Labor Day
November 24th–25th Thanksgiving Holiday
December 23rd Winter Holiday
December 26th–30th Winter Holiday
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