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Human Resources

Student Employee Resources

About Student Employment @ CSU

Student employment at CSU provides an opportunity to earn money and continue your education, train with people who manage the day-to-day business of the University, and combine your academic study with real world experience. Job opportunities can range from temporary summer positions to part-time positions that continue through completion of your degree. Although it is preferred, the employment opportunities need not be directly related to your academic major.

Below are some FAQs about CSU's student employment program that may help guide you as you.

Student job opportunities are posted on CSU's employment portal. All applications must be submitted online. After you apply, the hiring manager for that job will review your application. If they are interested in learning more about you, they may contact you to set up an interview.

If you are selected for hire, you will receive an email with a link to complete an online background check release. All University employees are required to successfully pass a background check in order to be eligible for hire, and this check can take up to 5 business days to complete. Once the check is clear, you will receive an email to complete an online hiring packet, which is an online version of new hire paperwork and forms. Once that is received by HR, your hire will be processed and you and your supervisor will be notified that you are clear to start work.

Pay rates for student positions vary based on the level of responsibility, and are no less than the State of Georgia minimum wage. Generally, the hourly pay rates are posted on the individual job ads. You should confirm this information with the hiring manager either during your interview or when you are offered a position. Hourly student employees report time on a timesheet, clocking in and out at the start and end of each work day, and are paid every other week. For university pay dates, please refer to the posted biweekly payroll schedule (PDF). After you complete the onboarding process, you will be sent instructions for accessing the timekeeping system and logging your hours (PDF). If you forget to clock in or out, you must notify your supervisor so they can input the time for you. At the end of each pay period, your supervisor will approve your timesheet. Any unreported hours or missed punches may result in a delay in receiving your pay.

If you are injured on the job, you should report it immediately to your supervisor, even if you don't think you need medical treatment. Your supervisor will then create an incident report and submit it to the office of Human Resources. HR will file the report with CSU's workers' compensation insurance provider and contact you if further information is needed or follow up care is required. Please refer to the Georgia Department of Administrative Services website for more information regarding workers' compensation.

The University has established a formal grievance procedure for handling the wide variety of problems that may occur. If you believe you have a legitimate complaint, you should discuss it immediately with your supervisor. If this initial contact does not serve to resolve the matter, the complaint should then be referred to the head of the academic or administrative unit for review. If this next level still does not serve to resolve the matter, the complaint will then be referred through the chain of command to the appropriate vice president. At any time, you may bring your concerns to any level of management. The office of Human Resources may also be contacted.

As a student employee you are classified as staff of Columbus State University. As staff, you must abide by CSU staff employee policies, USG policies, and GA State employee policies. Here are some helpful links to online policy resources:

CSU, USG, and the State of Georgia require every employee to complete a series of online training modules at the time of hire, and again on a yearly basis. You will receive an email with information on how to access the training system and complete the mandatory compliance training within your first 30 days.

Each department conducts its own training for the positions they hire. This training may include software and hardware training, soft skills, policies, and more, as determined by departmental need.

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