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Committees and Councils - Columbus State University

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Human Resources

Committees and Councils

Columbus State University provides numerous ways for employees to get involved on campus.

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate serves as a representative voice for CSU faculty in the operations of the university. The Faculty Senate provides a forum for the discussion of issues of interest to the faculty. The Faculty Senate also serves as a conduit for communications between the faculty and the administrative officers of the university and assures the forceful and articulate representation of faculty interests in accordance with recognized principles of university governance.

Staff Council

Staff Council serves as a liaison between the Columbus State University Staff and the President of the University in all relevant matters. Staff Council promotes an atmosphere of cooperation within the university community, encourages staff development and retention, and provides a forum for discussion of matters affecting the staff of CSU. Staff Council facilitates communication between the staff, faculty, and students of CSU and creates opportunities for campus-wide participation in university and community service projects.

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