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Department of History, Geography, and Philosophy

About the Department

History, geography, and philosophy are central to a rich, immersive liberal arts education. At CSU, you'll develop a deeper appreciation for the past, understand how the past influences the present, and make important connections between geography and human history.

The department offers several programs. Each is designed to foster intellectual curiosity and technical skill. At CSU, you'll collaborate with professional geographers and learn how to apply geographic information system (GIS) technology to historical research.

We believe the best education happens inside - and outside - the classroom. As a student, you'll have access to internship opportunities with the Columbus Museum, the Carter Center, the Roosevelt Institute, the Andersonville National Historic Site, and many others.


Juli Yoder

 My experience at CSU was wonderful. I was a student athlete on the rifle team, so my schedule was always complicated, and my teachers/advisors were always accommodating and understanding. The professors were all very knowledgeable in their subjects and encouraging. In [my current job with] Henry County, I write technical staff reports for rezonings, conditional uses, and other similar applications. I also review business licenses, sign applications, and handle special event applications for events such as 5ks and filming. Another big portion of my job with Henry County includes presenting cases before the Zoning Advisory Board and Board of Commissioners monthly. 


Create Your Future

The Department of History, Geography, and Philosophy offers a number of degrees and minors. Explore your options here.

Department Degree Programs
Program Type Programs Available
Bachelor's History (B.A.), History - Secondary Education (B.A.), Interdisciplinary Studies (B.S.)1
Minors African-American Studies, Digital Humanities, Geographic Information Systems and Science, Geography, History, Latin American Studies, Philosophy
Undergraduate Certificates Cinema Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies


  1. Online option is available.

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Learn From the Best

The Department of History, Geography, and Philosophy is home to many accomplished faculty members. Several are highly regarded as experts and have been recognized with notable honors and awards. Thanks to a low student-to-faculty ratio, you'll be sure to receive an excellent education in our history and geography degree programs.


Dr. Bryan Banks
Associate Professor, Chair


Dr. Laura Davis
Assistant Professor of History


Dr. David Kieran
Associate Professor


Dr. Ryan Lynch
Associate Professor


Dr. Doug Tompson
Associate Professor


Dr. Dan Van Kley
Associate Professor


Dr. Markus Weidler
Associate Professor

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Dr. David Kieran

The military is one of the most significant institutions in U.S. culture, and yet only .5% of Americans serve in it. In HIST 3146: Intro to US Military History, students examine its history, the wars that it has fought, and its place in the larger society of which it is a part. What should the relationship between the military and the nation be during times of war and peace? How have Americans, including service members and veterans, sought to define the military‘s place in American culture?


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