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Student News and Awards - Columbus State University

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Department of History, Geography, and Philosophy

Student News and Awards

Our students in History and Geography at Columbus State are doing amazing things, and each year, we recognize the research that they are conducting, the jobs they graduate into, the school admissions they earn, and the awards they win.

The Department offers a number of scholarships and awards, in addition to having an active chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honors society. The university also has an active chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, one of the largest and most prestigious national honors societies.

While you will find a number of recent award winners here, we are active on showcasing our incredible students on social media, including History and Geography's Instagram, History and Geography's Facebook, and History and Geography's Twitter.

Students with awards, and a professor
A student receiving an award

The Alfonso Biggs Scholars

  • Samuel Belisle (Class of 2021)
  • Sophia Brown (Class of 2022)
  • Arianna Poveda (Class of 2023)

The Hallock Prize for Historical Research and Writing

  • 2021: Micah Arnholt, “An Absence in the Vessel in Which We Cook: Refugees, Chitmahals, and Border Dweller Identities”

The Christine Agnes Gullo Prize for Historical Research and Writing (2012–2020)

  • 2020: Micah Arnholt, “A Garden Underneath Which Rivers Flow: Early Umayyad Art and the Caliph Justified”
  • 2019: Tiffany Morgan, “A Determined Voice: A Black Newspaper’s Response to the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot”
  • 2018: Matthias Smith, “History Repurposed: The American Adventure at EPCOT Center”
  • 2016: Taylor Langevin, “Irish by Conviction: Muscular Catholicism in the ‘Fighting Sixty-Ninth,’ 1916-1918”
  • 2015: Ashley Meadows, “In the Absence of Love: Aristophanes’ Argument for Peace as a Human Fulfillment in Lysistrata”
  • 2013: Logan Copeland
  • 2012: Catherine Lovin

The Col. Richard R. Hallock Prize for Military History Research

  • 2020: Trent van Erem, “Brigadier General Paul Jones Semmes”

History Student of Excellence

  • 2021: Vivian Leonard Walker
  • 2020: Matthias Smith
  • 2019: Meredith Donovan
  • 2018: Abby Gibbons
  • 2017: Jane Cadenhead (Mader)
  • 2016: Taylor Langevin
  • 2015: Katherine Hinzman

Geography Student of Excellence

  • 2021: Samuel Belisle
  • 2020: Ariatna Perez Rivera
  • 2019: Micah Arnholt
  • 2018: Christopher Gass

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