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Bryan Banks - Columbus State University

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Columbus State University

headshot of Bryan Banks

Bryan Banks

Associate Professor, Chair

History, Geography, and Philosophy, Department of

Education and Certifications

  • Ph.D., Florida State University
  • M.A., Florida State University
  • B.A., Georgia State University


Dr. Bryan Banks is a specialist in eighteenth-century French history, with a particular emphasis on the Huguenot Diaspora, the history of Christianity, the Enlightenment, and the Age of Revolutions.

Dr. Banks teaches the survey course in World History from 1500 CE. He also teaches upper-division courses on European and Atlantic History as well as the Digital Humanities. He is particularly interested in the intersections between digital media and public history. He regularly uses podcasting assignments in his class and recently has taught a class called "History Podcasting," for which students researched, scripted, and recorded a history podcast season.

Dr. Banks is also a co-founder and executive editor of Age of Revolutions— a digital public humanities website on the history of revolutionaries, revolutions, and the idea of "revolution" itself.

Academic Areas

Early Modern and Modern European History, Comparative Revolutions, Religious Studies, Digital Humanities

Research Interests

Dr. Banks is currently completing his book manuscript, tentatively titled Huguenot Refugees: Protestant Enlightenment on France's Frontiers, 1680-1800. The book explores the ways that Huguenots molded a refugee identity during a period of intense persecution in French history. Their diaspora, extending from the Netherlands through the West German kingdoms and into Switzerland and southern France, fostered an extensive epistolary network that promoted the Protestant Enlightenment. Huguenot theologians, philosophers, and pastors developed a sentimental philosophy based on their own refugee experiences in order to promote religious toleration, especially in France. They won toleration in the 1780s and the French revolutionaries even made efforts to court French Huguenots back to France in the 1790s.

Some of his recent publications include:

Dr. Banks is on the board of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850 and is a member of the Southern Historical Association's Snell Prize committee, which awards a prize to the best European history paper written by a graduate student from a southern university in the United States.

He has also given several conference presentations, including the following selected papers:

  • "The Children of Cause Célèbre: The Calas Affair and the Religious Family Romance of Eighteenth-Century France," Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, Tallahassee, FL, Feb. 27-29, 2020.
  • "Ending the ‘Exclusive Empire of Catholicism': Jean-Étienne-Marie Portalis, Protestantism, and the Concordat of 1801," Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, Atlanta, Georgia, February 28- March 2, 2019.
  • Speaker on "Academic Blogging Roundtable: Networks, Perspectives, and Trajectories," American Historical Association, Chicago, Illinois, January 3-6, 2019.
  • "The So-Called Republican Reformed Religion: Huguenot Republicanism in the Seventeenth-Century Catholic Controverse," Western Society for French History, Portland Maine, November 1-3, 2018.
  • "Genealogies of the So-Called Reformed Religion," Repenser le refuge: Nouvelles perspectives pour l'étude du protestantisme francophone aux Provinces-Unies à l'époque moderne, Leiden, Netherlands, October 25-26, 2018.
  • "Revolutionary Script(ure): Pierre Bayle, Huguenot Refugees, and the 1688 Revolutions in England and Thailand," Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Feb 22-24, 2018.
  • "Subtle Protests: Rethinking the Edict of Toleration's Reception in Calvinist France," Society for French Historical Studies, Washington D.C., April 20-22, 2017. (Recording Here)
  • "Digital Approaches to Religious Tolerance in the Enlightenment," George Rudé Seminar, Parramatta, Australia, July 15, 2016.

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