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Creating a New Club Sport - Columbus State University

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Campus Recreation

Creating a New Club Sport

The creation of a new Club Sport should be a student initiative. The success of Club Sports Teams and their activities strongly depends on the commitment and participation of the students involved. Club Sport Team members and officers should work in collaboration to achieve the goals of strong organization management, good sportsmanship and successful competition.

Procedures and Guidelines for establishing a new Club Sport at Columbus State University:

  1. Students interested in creating, promoting and participating in a new Club Sport should begin by reviewing the Official Club Sport Handbook for reference. Copies of the Handbook are available in the Department of Campus Recreation Office in Room 234 of the Student Recreation Center.
  2. Student(s) leading the initiative to establish a new Club Sport Team should hold a General Interest Meeting on campus to find and determine the interest level of other students in the activity. It is strongly recommended to have a sign-up sheet at the meeting to collect contact information (name/phone number/e-mail address) from interested students for future reference.
  3. Student(s) leading the initiative should schedule a meeting with the Club Sports Coordinator to discuss the proposed Club Sport, student interest level, potential costs (start-up and ongoing), and potential competitive/tournament play opportunities against other universities/colleges.
  4. Once the request to create a new Club Sport Team has been approved, the student leaders of the new Club Sport should create a constitution with by-laws (including purpose, name of organization, dues/fees, names of the team officers and the Team Advisor).
  5. All Club Sport Teams should be named and referred to as follows: "The Club Sport (name of sport) at Columbus State University. Do not list Columbus State University at the beginning of the team name. Referring to the team as a Club Sport in the title will help to prevent confusion with Athletic Department and Intramural teams. Please refer to the Official Club Sport Handbook section titled "Publicity" for additional information.
  6. All promotional/advertising materials - including posters and flyers - must be approved by the Club Sports Coordinator prior to being posted.

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