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Group Tours - Columbus State University

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Group Tours

We are thrilled that you are interested in bringing a group to visit Columbus State University! We welcome this opportunity to showcase our academic programs and a vibrant student community with prospective students and their group leaders. Please review the information below as it will provide helpful instructions on how to go about scheduling your group visit to our campus.

School Group

To qualify as a school group, the group should consist of prospective students from one of the following categories:

  • High school Grade Level (9th - 12th grade)
  • College-bound program associated with a high school or university
  • An accredited college or university

*Due to the availability of professional staff and student tour guides, school group visit reservations are limited to high school and college student groups only. If you have a group of students that includes elementary or middle school-aged students, or if the group is comprised of other non-secondary/post-secondary aged students, please see the Career Exploration Presentations section below for some of our recommendations for other campus visit alternatives that might be the best fit for your group.*

School group visit experiences can be tailored to the individual needs of the group but typically include an information session with an Admissions staff member followed by a student-led tour of our main campus.

School Group Visit Experience Information & Dates:

Group tours consist of a 30-minute information session followed by a one(1) hour main campus tour.

Reservations are required and we ask that they are made as early as possible, but no less than two(2) weeks prior to the desired visit date. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate last-minute requests. Due to space limitations groups are limited to no more than 60 students. Additionally, there must be one chaperone per ten(10) students. Requests for a school group visit should be made by an adult who will be accompanying the group to the campus.  

Once a School Group Visit Request form has been submitted, we will make contact within a week to plan and confirm the visit If you find it necessary to cancel your visit, please notify Kristin Williams ( as soon as possible.

If you are interested in eating lunch on campus during your school visit, you are encouraged to contact for additional information and pricing options. While the Office of Admissions does not provide meals or coordinate meals on campus for school group visits, we encourage you to stay and dine with us. You can find more information here

 School Group Visitation Request Form

CSU Outreach Centers

The Coca-Cola Space Science Center’s primary goal is to improve learning by making science, mathematics, and technology accessible to all students while enriching the quality of teaching and student exploration in these areas. The Coca-Cola Space Science Center provides an educational visit experience for all age groups K-12. For more information about visiting the Coca-Cola Space Science Center make sure to check their website or contact them at (706) 649-1477.

Oxbow Meadows is an environmental learning center destination for people of all ages to actively engage and participate in plant and animal research programs, hands-on activities and trail adventures. Oxbow Meadow’s offers a variety of dynamic educational programming for all age groups K-12. All educational programs are aligned with state educational standards. For more information about visiting, make sure to check their website or contact them at (706) 507-8550.

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