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Transient Students - Columbus State University

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Transient Students

Students who are enrolled in a college or university and would like to complete courses temporarily at Columbus State University.

As a transient student you may enroll in any term. You may be concurrently enrolled at your home institution or just take classes at CSU for the semester.

To be considered for admissions as a transient student, please submit the following documents for the first semester of enrollment:

  • An application along with a $40 application fee.
  • A transient permission form (PDF) signed by the Registrar or other designated official of your current institution approving enrollment for one term as a transient student.

Prior to beginning your first semester at CSU, please submit:

To be enrolled in subsequent semesters as a transient student, please submit:

Please be aware:

  • Transient admission does not guarantee course availability.
  • You may be required to provide proof (submit a transcript from your home institution) to show you meet the prerequisites for the course(s) you wish to take at CSU.

To receive Federal Student Aid as a transient student, please:

  • Contact your home institution to determine their process for you to receive federal financial aid while transient.
    • The most common practice is as follows: the home school submits a Consortium Agreement (, which is completed by CSU. If eligible, you will receive federal aid at your home institution for coursework you have been given permission to take at CSU.

To receive HOPE/Zell Scholarship as a transient student, please:

  • Request your home institution post an eligibility certificate to CSU on SURFER.
  • Email to let then know the date you made the request.

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