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D. Abbott Turner College of Business


CSU Places 4th in International Cyber Competition

A team of Cybersecurity students from Columbus State University’s 12-month Nexus program competed in the International Cyber League’s Collegiate Cup during October and November of 2022. The team competed against students from universities around the world.

We are very excited to share that our team finished in fourth place! Team members were Fernando Cabello, Tyvon Cruz, Cullen Mowery, and Cody Lindsey. Congratulations to these up-and-coming cybersecurity professionals!

Collegiate Cup

Ryan Zimmerman places 3rd at IEEE International Conference

Ryan Zimmerman
Join us in celebrating computer science senior Ryan Zimmerman on winning 3rd best paper at the 19th IEEE International Conference in Denver, Colorado. His award-winning paper was on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Smart Systems. Congratulations, Ryan!!

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Conference

CSU Students Present at ACM Conference

Students from CSU’s Computer Science program presented at the annual ACM, Association for Computing Machinery Mid-Southeastern Conference in Gatlinburg, TN. We would like to congratulate all students on their presentations and an extra shoutout to graduate student, Xin Chen, for winning 2nd place on her graduate presentation!

Student, Faculty and Staff Attendees:

CSU Students at Association for Computing Machinery Conference

CSU Students at Association for Computing Machinery Conference

CSU Students at Association for Computing Machinery Conference

Cybersecurity Nexus Graduation Celebration

On December 9, 2022, we celebrated our first large group of graduates from the Nexus program. Graduates included many who had completed the Nexus two-year Degree in Cybersecurity and the one-year Practitioner’s Certificate in Cybersecurity. Graduates were from Cohorts 2, 3, and 4.

Congratulations to our graduates!

A warm and special thanks to the industry professionals who support our Nexus program. These talented and supportive leaders took time from their busy workdays to come celebrate with our graduates! We are truly honored and blessed to partner with them to be pipelines into their organizations! Thanks to Mike Kane, Peter Staarfaenger, Robert Yager, Justin Heath-CISSP, Jonathan White, James R. Ramsay, and Ron Spivey from Global Payments Inc. Thanks also to Kevin Gowen from Synovus.

And a special thanks to Mr. Jimmy Yancey, former Chairman of the Board at Synovus, for addressing our gathering of graduates, parents, and industry partners.

Distinguished faculty in attendance included Dr. Deborah Kidder, Dean of the Turner College @ Columbus State University and Dr. Shamim Khan, Chair of the TSYS School of Computer Science.

Without the support of all these amazing and talented people, our program would not have nearly the impact (and potential for more) that it has! Thank you all!

Industry Professionals Visit CSU’s TSYS Cybersecurity Center to conduct Mock Interviews

On November 11, 2022, dozens of industry professionals visited CSU’s campus to conduct “Mock Interviews” for the Cybersecurity Nexus students. The purpose of the mock interview event was to give students real world practice preparing for and participating in interviews with actual industry professionals who volunteered their time to help. The CSU TSYS School of Computer Science has wonderful partnerships with industry professionals in the local and regional area. Many global, regional, and local companies were represented at the event.

As always, we thank the volunteers who took time away from their busy schedules to help prepare our cybersecurity students to join the workforce!

CSU Nexus Program Mock Interviews

CSU Nexus Program Mock Interviews

CSU Nexus Program Mock Interviews

Global Payments Invites CSU Cybersecurity Students to Participate in Employee Hackathon

Thank you to James R. Ramsay, Ron Spivey, Jody Lee, and the rest of the Global Payments Inc. Information Security team for allowing our Columbus State University Cybersecurity students to participate in the hackathon they provided for their worldwide team members! Our teams did well, learned a lot, and had a lot of fun!

The costume contest was a nice touch! CSU Cybersecurity students Tyvon Cruz and Fernando Cabello both placed in the top 3 in the contest!

Many thanks to Global Payments for providing this valuable (and fun) learning opportunity!

CSU Nexus Program Hackathon

CSU Nexus Program Hackathon

FBI Special Agent Visits CSU Cybersecurity Center

Without divulging any information we wouldn’t want publicly known, we’ll simply say a certain "Special Agent in Charge" who happens to be part of a certain 3-letter government agency came to visit the Cybersecurity Nexus students at Columbus State University on November 1, 2022......

The students were captivated as he told about his career in the "organization" and opportunities within that "organization" they could pursue.....

Well, that's about all we're going to say about that.....

Google Recruiter Visits CSU Campus

There was a lot of excitement at Columbus State University October 10-12, 2022! Google’s campus recruiter, Jessica A. Mitchell, visited CSU’s campus and shared her energy, enthusiasm, and insights with our students about how to take advantage of Google’s educational experiences, how to create a dazzling resume, how to interview well, and many more helpful and important topics for our Computer Science and Cybersecurity students in the TSYS School of Computer Science and Turner College of Business!

Special thanks to Mariko Izumi and her wonderful team at the Center for Experiential Learning and Career Design for organizing and hosting the multi-day event!

Executives from NetImpact Strategies Visit CSU Campus

Latha Ramesh, VP of Talent at NetImpact Strategies Inc. and other company executives visited CSU’s campus on November 9, 2022 to meet with students and faculty to discuss establishing a talent pipeline from CSU for their company. The executives spent the day visiting different classrooms and having breakout sessions with groups to establish relationships.

Thanks to the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce for connecting NetImpact Strategies with CSU.

Leadership Columbus Group Visits CSU’s TSYS Cybersecurity Center

We were honored to host the outstanding group of leaders from Leadership Columbus at Columbus State University's TSYS Cybersecurity Center! The group learned about the threats that exist in today’s modern connected world and how CSU is doing our part to train students to defend the world’s assets against cybercriminals. Special recognition goes to Dean Deborah Kidder for her capable assistance with the "magic trick" that certainly amazed the group...... It actually taught a valuable technology lesson and showed that technology can often look like magic to others!

Turner College Hosts Career Fair for Students

The Turner College Career Fair on September 27th, 2022 was a complete success! With over 20 companies participating on campus, students had the opportunity to talk with industry professionals about Business and Computer Science internships and career opportunities.

In the weeks leading up to the Career Fair, students signed up for workshops to create resumes and LinkedIn accounts, and had the opportunity to get free professional headshots.

Special thanks to Mariko Izumi and her wonderful team at the Center for Experiential Learning and Career Design for helping the Turner College staff organize and host the event!

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