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Student Affairs


Create Care (Formerly Behavioral Assessment and Recommendation Reporting (BART)) Create Care is dedicated to a proactive, coordinated and planned approach to the identification, prevention, assessment, management, and reduction of interpersonal and behavioral threats to the safety and well being of Columbus State University students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Medical/Hardship/Military Withdrawal Form
The process allows a student to request an administrative withdrawal during the current term when a medical condition, hardship, or military responsibility makes it impossible to continue in the courses for which he/she has registered. This form is also used for requests related to prior terms of attendance and will be forwarded to the Academic Standards Committee for consideration.

Readmission Request - For Students Who Were Granted a Medical, Hardship, or Military Withdrawal
Students, who were granted a withdrawal due to medical/hardship issues, military orders, or were administratively withdrawn from the University should complete the Request for Readmission process. Create Care (Formerly The Behavioral Assessment and Recommendation Team (BART)) is charged with the administrative review of these requests. Each request will be reviewed on the basis of current medical condition, academic progress, or other information deemed appropriate by Create Care, in an effort to assist the student in a smooth and successful transition back into the University community. Students who have been away from the institution for more than a calendar year must also complete an application for Re-Entry at

Readmission Request - For Students Who Were Suspended for Disciplinary Reasons
Students who were administratively withdrawn or suspended from the University must complete the request for readmission process. Create Care (Formerly Behavioral Assessment and Recommendation Team (BART)) is charged with the review and approval of these requests. Each request will be considered on the basis of academic progress, disciplinary record, or other information deemed appropriate by Create Care for this review.

Grievance Procedures for Center for Accommodation and Access Services
In compliance with The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), 38 CFR.105; 35.150 (c) and (d) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, the Center for Accommodation and Access offers this on-line form to report unresolved disputes or complaints directly associated with the student's accommodations registered with the Center for Accommodation and Access. Other types of appeals, grievances, or general complaints should be addressed through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Appeal the Findings of Non-Academic Misconduct
The University will entertain appeals from students that have been suspended, expelled, removed from housing, or removed from class or forced to withdraw from the course and/or department. Other cases may be reviewed in regard to policy and procedural accuracy upon the request from the student. Appeals must be submitted within 5 working days of the completion of the hearing notification. All parties in a sexual misconduct case are also afforded the same appeal process. Appeals based solely on the assertion of innocence will not be considered.

Appeal the Findings of Academic Misconduct, Grade Appeals, and Exception Petitions
Columbus State University takes student needs and concerns very seriously. To that end, the University has developed a process through which students can submit complaints and appeals. These processes are intended to resolve academic or related differences concerning academic fairness in a course such as: Appeal a course grade; Exercise a student's rights as defined in the course syllabus, the CSU Student Handbook, university policy, or policies of the University System of Georgia; Refute academic dishonesty charges; Compel a faculty member to fulfill her instructional responsibilities as defined in the CSU Faculty Handbook and published department or college policy; Plead for a less severe penalty in case of an acknowledged incident of academic dishonesty; and Request an Exception Petitions (issues associated with program and course requirements for degree completion).

General Student Complaints
Columbus State University (CSU) seeks to provide the highest possible customer service to our students. The University takes student complaints and concerns very seriously and is committed to responding to these issues in a timely manner. The university has a process through which students can submit a variety of appeals and grievances. These include academic appeals, non-academic appeals (residence life, financial aid, non-academic misconduct) and general student complaints. General student complaints and concerns relate to topics that do not necessitate an appeal, but provide a means of communicating a need or concern to faculty, staff, and/or administrators. A general student complaint should be reported as soon as the student is confronted with the issue.

Office of the Dean of Students
(706) 507-8730

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