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Ranger Challenge - Columbus State University

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Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

Ranger Challenge


Ranger Challenge is a competitive event that's unique to ROTC. Each fall, ROTC students participating in Ranger Challenge compete against cadets from other universities in several events.

Students participating in the ROTC program have the opportunity to try and become a member of a small but highly trained team. Ranger Challenge teams consist of nine members plus one alternate. Team members are challenged both mentally and physically, and they're offered the opportunity to meet other students and learn the skills necessary to be a leader.

Ranger Challenge events include:

  • 13.2 mile march with rucksack
  • Obstacle-confidence course
  • Trauma Lane
  • Grenade Assault Course
  • One-Rope Bridge
  • Zodiac Challenge
  • Mystery Commander's Challenge

There's no prerequisite to join Ranger Challenge — just a lot of hard work.

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