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Rave Guardian - Columbus State University

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Rave Guardian

RAVE Guardian

The free Rave Guardian mobile app brings campus safety and peace of mind together into a single app—turning your phone into a personal security device on and off campus. Through the app, students, faculty and staff can invite family and friends to your safety network, report suspicious activity, and connect immediately (and anonymously, if you wish) with the CSU Police Department.

With Rave Guardian conveniently on your phone, you'll have direct access to on-campus public safety resources at your fingertips!

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Register and set up an account

Add your name, campus address, medical notes and other pertinent information—like medical conditions, current medications, allergies and emergency contacts—for campus safety in case of emergency.

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Communicate in an emergency

In an emergency, a one-button call to the University Police Department will display your profile, current location, and if you’ve provided it, other vital medical information.

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Add and message guardians

By adding your “guardians”—your roommates, friends and family— to your network, you can feel safer when walking alone, on or off campus.

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Set a safety timer

In the event you ever feel unsafe, you can set a timer and share your destination with your guardian network. Your guardians or the University Police Department will be immediately alerted if you don’t arrive on time as planned.

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Send anonymous tips

See something, say something. You can anonymously report suspicious activity to campus police, including photos.

Download the App and Register Today

Register your Rave Guardian profile by entering your cell phone number. You will receive a verification code via text at that number, which you will copy in the Rave Guardian app to verify your account. If this number is the same number you use for Cougar Alert, the app will ask to confirm your information. If the number you entered is not, the app will prompt you to enter your university email address. Rave Guardian will then send a verification code to your CSU email address. After entering that in the Rave Guardian app, select "Columbus State University," verify it's you, and you're all set.

For more information about Rave Guardian, visit the Rave Mobile Safety website. For questions, email

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