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CougarAlert - Columbus State University

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CougarAlert is CSU's version of a Rave Alert System that allows university officials to send emergency messages via cell phone text message, voice recordings sent to phones and through email. This system will only be used to communicate during emergencies.

CougarAlert can reach up to three phone numbers per person, plus university email addresses. The system allows students who provide a cell phone number to be reached during emergencies even if they're not on campus, tuned into local news or checking email.

Because there can be a delay between a CougarAlert message being sent and actually reaching your phone, please do not rely on this system for instructions during a sudden weather emergency, such as a tornado. When the county's severe weather sirens are activated, go to the lowest part of your campus building and seek shelter away from windows. Alarms will sound again when it is safe to leave your shelter.

The university will provide additional information when available through the CSU home page, MyCSU and local media outlets.

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**If you are not associated with the university and want to be taken off our notification list, please email and be sure to include the telephone number that was called.**

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