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Avoid becoming a crime victim - Columbus State University

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University Police

Avoid becoming a crime victim

Although the Columbus State University campus is relatively crime free, it is still vulnerable to criminal activity. These measures could help you avoid becoming a crime victim:

On campus:

  • Use the safety escort service.
  • Walk in groups to class and to and from parking lots.
  • Avoid unlighted areas.
  • Walk at a steady pace; appear confident.
  • Be alert to your surroundings.
  • Never get into a stranger's vehicle.
  • Report suspicious persons to University Police at 706-507-8911.

If you are being followed:

  • Cross the street.
  • Change directions.
  • Keep looking back, so a suspicious person will know you are aware of their presence.
  • Go to a well-lighted, populated area.
  • Notice as many physical details as possible, so you can describe a suspicious person to police.
  • Always report the incident to police.

If you are alone in an office or classroom:

  • Keep the door locked.
  • Always ask who is knocking before opening the door.
  • Never prop open locked exterior building doors.

Keeping the campus safe:

  • Report suspicious persons or criminal activity to police at 706-507-8911.
  • Keep your car's doors locked and windows closed at all times.
  • Use locks on lockers and bicycles.
  • Attend crime prevention programs.
  • Take responsibility to protect yourself and your fellow student.

At home-student apartments:

  • List only initials and last name on mail box.
  • Keep all entrances well lighted.
  • Don't allow strangers in your residence.
  • Don't give personal information to strangers on the telephone.
  • Never give your phone number to a stranger.
  • Ask what number an unknown caller is calling.
  • Lock your door when you leave; it only takes a few minutes for someone to remove personal property.
  • Never leave purses, wallets, jewelry and other valuables unattended in a laundry room or swimming pool area.
  • Make a list of your valuables with descriptions and serial numbers.
  • If someone is prowling outside your residence, call police and turn on lights.
  • Do not enter your home or apartment if you find a door or window open or if it has been burglarized.
  • When you are home and someone attempts to break into your home or apartment, call police and lock doors between you and the intruder.

Parking on campus overnight and on weekends:

  • Park in well-lighted area.
  • Park in lots more frequently used by others.
  • Secure all valuables in the trunk or remove them from your car.
  • Lock your car so the trunk can't be entered from the inside.
  • Car-pool if you can, or have a friend, parent or relative drop you off on campus.
  • Report all suspicious persons or activity to the campus police at 706-507-8911.

Preventing theft on campus:

  • Close and lock all office doors when you leave' open doors invites theft.
  • Keep cash, checks, credit cards and books with you at all times; never leave them unattended.
  • Write your name and an I.D. number, in pen, inside your books.
  • Store computers, lab equipment and audiovisual equipment, when not in use, in a locked office or classroom.

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