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Nursing Advisory Board - Columbus State University

School of Nursing

Nursing Advisory Board


Ongoing and rapid changes in health care, nursing, government, and technology underpin the need for communication and collaboration between nursing education programs and the community they serve. This advisory board provides insight into trends affecting nursing practice, nursing job development and job placement. It also assists in evaluation of program effectiveness, program advocacy and promotion, and support of the nursing program.


The advisory board role is purely advisory. The board has no administrative, management, personnel, or budgetary authority or responsibility, and is not a policy making body. The sole function is to provide support and advice for the nursing education program.


The advisory board offers recommendations:

  • In the development of short and long range plans.
  • Regarding existing and future curriculum content.
  • To assist in public relations.
  • Regarding other matters as needed.


The membership of the advisory board is representative of the community and employment market served by the program as well as the nursing education program. It is composed primarily of individuals in the community and employment market who are impacted by the program and who impact the program.

Advisory Board Members, 2021–2022

  • Aimee Vael (CSU, School of Nursing)
  • Amanda Hawkins (CSU, School of Nursing)
  • Bridgett Jackson (Chattahoochee Valley Community College)
  • Cary Burcham (Piedmont Columbus Regional)
  • Cathy Pearson (Columbus Hospice)
  • Crystal Hand (Three Rivers AHEC)
  • Diane Thurman (Valley Healthcare)
  • Donna Morgan (Columbus Hospice)
  • Elizabeth Mathis (CSU, School of Nursing)
  • Evelyn Olenick (Phoebe Health)
  • Holly Lehmberg (Piedmont Columbus Regional)
  • India Thomas, Chair (Piedmont Columbus Regional)
  • Iris Basilio (Uptown Pediatrics)
  • Jamie Lewis (Piedmont Physicians at Green Island)
  • Julie Sizemore (West Central Health District)
  • Melanie Finlayson (Phoebe Health)
  • Nikki Kenyon (Piedmont Columbus Regional)
  • Rhonda Hollis (CSU Professor Emerita)
  • Signe Gilbert (St. Francis Hospital)
  • Sonja Johnson (Muscogee Manor)
  • Stephanie Lahnala (CSU, School of Nursing)
  • Susan Greer (CSU, School of Nursing)
  • Suzanne Socha (Piedmont Columbus Regional)
  • Tamara Condrey (CSU, Interim Director of School of Nursing)
  • Tori Endres (West Central Health District)
  • Tricia Hamid (St. Francis Hospital)
  • Victoria Roebuck (CSU, Student Health Services)
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