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Nursing Admission Exam - Columbus State University

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School of Nursing

Nursing Admission Exam

Admission Exam

The RN Admission Assessment Exam (A2) is required for admission to the nursing program.

  • You may take the exam twice per calendar year, but there must be a 6 week break between attempts.

Evolve Reach A-2 Test (by Elsevier)

  • Appointments are scheduled online at the Testing Center. Click "admission assessment" and follow the instructions to schedule your appointment.
  • If you are not able to take the exam at CSU, please contact the testing center at (706) 507-8020.
  • Non-refundable fee $70.00 (includes proctor fee) - payable to Testing Center

Format: Online, proctored, timed exam

Evolve Reach A2 Test includes:

  • Math, Reading, Grammar (scores used as part of nursing admission criteria)
  • Minimum of 70% required on each of the 3 tests; minimum of 75% average of 3 tests required. Scoring 75% or better does not guarantee admission into the nursing program. The scores are considered along with your GPA. Note: In line with CSU School of Nursing policy, grades are not rounded.
  • Learning Styles (scores NOT used as nursing admission criteria --- used in Student Success Program after admission)

Study Guide Available

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