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Information Security - Columbus State University

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Legal Affairs, Ethics and Compliance Division

Information Security

Mission Statement

The Office of Information Security provides CSU students, faculty, and staff with timely information as it relates to data security. The Office of Information Security is responsible for assuring information confidentiality, data integrity, and availability. We accomplish this by:

  • Educating the campus community about security related issues
  • Developing and enforcing policies and routinely reviewing those policies
  • Utilizing the strongest technical measures possible to protect campus resources
  • Developing measures to react to incidents and events that endanger the institution's information assets

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) which continues to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity across our Nation, ensuring that all Americans have the resources they need to be safer and more secure online. See this weeks theme and resources to help you stay safe online.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Must be completed by all Faculty and Staff by October 31st

Check your CSU email for training instructions.

The training is mandated by the Board of Regents, from the Handbook: 5.9.2 SecurityAwareness, Training and Education Requirements. USG organizations cannot protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information systems without ensuring that each person involved understands their roles and responsibilities and is adequately trained to perform them. Learning Objectives USG organizations shall provide cybersecurity awareness training to users that access information or information systems.

Awareness training shall be conducted, attendance shall be mandatory, completion shall be documented and shall provide practical and simple guidance pertaining to user roles and responsibilities. The governor feels based on the data that we handle on a daily basis, that we educate our campus to be more diligent.

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