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Employee Assistance Program - Columbus State University

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Employee Assistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An EAP is professional help when you need it in your work or personal life. It's trained knowledgeable resources to provide advice for the many life issues we all face. As a CSU employee, you and your family have the benefit of a customized assistance program which offers professional counseling and consultation through KEPRO.

Who is our EAP Provider?

The University System of Georgia is partnering with KEPRO, a nationally recognized healthcare management company, to provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services effective July 1, which includes in-person counseling sessions, referrals to community resources, supervisory consultations, crises support and work-life referrals. KEPRO's services will enable employees to access counseling sessions through a large network of professionals throughout the region.

KEPRO's counseling services include:

  • Phone support for crises and emergencies, provided by counselors who hold masters and doctoral degrees.
  • Phone support to arrange for in-person counseling.
  • Up to four in-person counseling sessions (per incident per year) for a range of personal issues, including depression, work-family balance, and substance abuse concerns.
  • Services accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Counseling will always be:

  • Confidential.
  • Free to employees, covered dependents, and anyone regularly living in the household.
  • Timely and convenient. Appointments with a licensed counselor are available within three to five days near where employees work or live. Appointments can be scheduled sooner if an urgent situation arises.
  • Available to full and part-time employees that work for USG and their dependents. Anyone that is regularly living in the same household as the eligible employee is also able to participate in the program.

Also, the scope of EAP services will include an array of work-life services, available at no cost, including:

  • Family Caregiving: Resources and referrals for dependent care-related services, in addition to emergency back-up childcare and eldercare.
  • Convenience Services: Assistance in locating household and daily living resources, including pet care services, home repairs, travel planning, and event scheduling.
  • Legal and Financial Services: Up to 30 minutes of financial consultation with a Certified Financial Planner or a Certified Public Accountant, per issue. Up to 30 minutes consultation with an attorney and a 25 percent discount if you decide to retain an attorney, per issue. These professionals will discuss concerns and provide suggestions on many issues, including:
    • Bankruptcy
    • Civil/Criminal Disputes
    • Divorce
    • Immigration
    • Credit Issues
    • Retirement and Estate Planning
    • Tenant's Rights
    • Taxes
    • Wills

Visit KEPRO for a wealth of on-demand resources, including articles, self-assessments, resources, and training on a wide range of topics, such as addiction, grief, anxiety, and parenting.

How do I contact KEPRO?

It's easy. 844-243-4440, 24/7. You can also confidentially request support at KEPRO Company code: USGCares

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