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Graduate Hooding Ceremony - Columbus State University

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Graduate Hooding Ceremony

Thursday, May 9, 2024
6:00pm EDT
Frank G. Lumpkin Center

You've put years of effort into earning your advanced degree here at Columbus State University. Let’s celebrate!

To recognize the hard work that you put into earning a Master’s, Specialist in Education, or Doctoral Degree, the university will hold a Graduate Hooding Ceremony to recognize the scholarly achievements of the candidates for graduation who have completed their advanced degree requirements.

Graduate Hooding Ceremony FAQs

What is a Graduate Hooding Ceremony?

A Hooding Ceremony celebrates the ritual of placing the Master’s, Specialist in Education, or Doctoral hood on your shoulders, thereby symbolizing your attainment of an advanced degree.

Is the Hooding Ceremony different than commencement?

Yes, a hooding ceremony does not replace commencement exercises, but rather, complements commencement with a more intimate celebration. Hooding candidates ceremoniously receive their regalia hood from a member of the faculty, symbolizing the achievement of an advanced degree.

Who is eligible to attend the Hooding Ceremony?

Any student who is graduating with an advanced degree, to include Master’s, Specialist in Education, or Doctoral. Undergraduate students are not eligible to attend this ceremony.

How do I participate in this event?

Graduating students will receive an email invitation approximately 6-weeks prior to the event. To participate, you must RSVP using the link in the invitation and enter your information on the form.

I’ve already applied for graduation, will this count as my RSVP for the Hooding Ceremony?

No, applying for graduation will not register you for this separate event. You must RSVP for the Hooding Ceremony by clicking the link in your invitation and entering your information on the form.

Is there a cost to attend this ceremony?

No, there are no additional costs outside of the purchase of your academic regalia.

What should I wear?

A cap, gown, and hood are required. Regalia may be ordered directly from Jostens. Along with academic regalia, graduates should wear appropriate attire, which includes dark shoes, dark pants, dark dress, collared shirt, tie.

Are guests invited?

Yes, invite your family and friends to celebrate your accomplishment. Guest tickets are not required and seating will be available on a first-come basis.

Will students be re-hooded during their commencement ceremony?

No, all hooding will take place during the Graduate Hooding Ceremony.

I will graduate in summer, will I be invited to attend the Hooding Ceremony?

Yes, typically summer graduates are invited to attend the Fall Hooding Ceremony.

Who do I contact if I did not receive an invitation to the Hooding Ceremony or need further information?

Contact the Office of the Provost at 706-507-8960 or email

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