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Etiquette - Columbus State University

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Arrive Early
Please give yourself enough time to arrive and find a seat so that you can enjoy the entire ceremony. Arriving "fashionably late" to a commencement ceremony is never considered appropriate.

Stay and Show Your Appreciation
An early departure is noticed by everyone in the audience and by graduates. Making a mad dash for the exit expresses inconsiderate behavior. Please wait until the conclusion of the ceremony.

Hear a Pin Drop
We are delighted and excited that you have a graduate of Columbus State University, and we want you and other guests to be able to hear each graduate's name when it is announced. Please refrain from loud cheering and using air horns and other noise-making distractions as this takes away from the dignity of the ceremony. Watches with alarms, cell phones and beepers can be distracting and annoying. In consideration of your graduates and neighbors on this momentous occasion, please turn off such devices.

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