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Student Research Experiences - Columbus State University

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Department of Earth and Space Sciences

Student Research Experiences

Faculty in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences are committed to providing our undergraduate and graduate students with hands on, real world research opportunities through field trips, class projects, and student research projects. Whether your interests are geared towards astronomy, archaeology and anthropology, engineering and robotics, environmental science, geology, hydrology, physics, or science education - our faculty may have a research project in which you could participate. Check out some of the fascinating research projects our students are working on, have presented at regional and national conferences, or have made the focus of a senior thesis.

a student holding a bone

A 6,500 Year Old Peruvian Archaeological Collection

Columbus State University students are busy cataloging and analyzing one of the oldest and best-preserved Peruvian archeological collections in the world thanks to Facebook and the hard work of a tech-savvy anthropology professor.

a student standing in front of a telescope

CSU Student, Professor Confirm Five New Asteroid Orbits

Using the Skynet robotic telescope network, professor of astrophysics Andy Puckett and planetary geology major Austin Caughey of Columbus State University's Department of Earth and Space Sciences, have helped identified the initial orbits of five new asteroids.

a group of students standing around a table

Student Researchers Awarded EPA Grant for Sustainable Technologies Design

Columbus State University was one of the two Georgia universities to win an award, garnering $14,559 to create an economic model to estimate the dollar value of different configurations of algal treatment systems.

several students examining a rock

NSF Grant Funds Study of 460 Million Year Old Volcanoes in Eastern Alabama

Geology students and faculty in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences concluded a three-year research project funded by the National Science Foundation studying the "roots" of 460 million year old volcanoes in the Appalachians of Alabama.

a magazine cover called Abstracts

Conferences and Research Projects

Students and faculty in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences present the results of their research at national, regional, and local conferences. Additionally, many ESS students participate in research projects through CSU's Honors College. Check out some of our ESS student's work in the Honors College Annual Abstracts.

a student in cold weather gear outside in the snow

Graduate Research

Research experiences in CSU's Department of Earth and Space Sciences have prepared many ESS alumni for graduate research after leaving CSU. Read about ESS alumna Emily Randall's graduate work in Antarctica in an in-depth article from CSU's Focus magazine.

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