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Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative - Columbus State University

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Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative

Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative

Math Collaborative


Welcome! You found us!

We are the Mathematics Collaborative at Columbus State University.

We happily serve anyone with mathematics questions and more importantly, the best way to teach mathematics.

  • Are you an elementary school teacher?
  • Are you a parent looking for the best way to help their student?
  • Are you a high school teacher looking for better ways to engage your classes?
  • Are you a college student struggling to get lessons together for an assignment?
  • Are you an administrator looking to support your teachers?
  • Are you a teacher looking to network with other teachers and share common ideas and resources?
  • Or do you have another burning question about learning mathematics?

We’ve been working on these questions for over thirty-three years now and we’ve gotten pretty good at it!

You will find on our webpage - access to Consulting, Professional Development, Elementary Math Resources, Middle School Math Resources, High School Math Resources, Parent Resources, Math Competitions, programs to improve fluency, and so much more! Just look down the left side of this webpage.

Maybe you just want to talk to someone - here is my number: 706-565-1475.

Maybe you are not precisely sure what you want - fill out the survey. We will contact you and listen.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our community and make our little piece of the math world a little bit better.

We are thankful to be a Center of Excellence housed in the Department of Education and Health Professions. Columbus State University supports our work and funding efforts through the CSU Foundation, through partnerships, and also grants. In addition, the Collaborative receives funding from area school systems through the purchase of services and partnerships.

Our goal is to serve anyone who seeks our help.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this far down our page.

Happy Maths,

Director, Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative

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Ask Cody