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Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships - Columbus State University

TSYS School of Computer Science

Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Freshman Scholarships

The TSYS School of Computer Science offers several scholarships for the most qualified full time freshmen who will be attending Columbus State University (CSU) for the first time. Students who have exhibited academic excellence in mathematics and/or computer science are encouraged to apply. Financial need is not required to apply for these funds.

Who is eligible?

Incoming new or transfer freshmen (having fewer than 30 semester hours earned or equivalent) who will be full time students (enrolled for 12 or more semester hours each semester) as a Computer Science/Information Technology/Cybersecurity major enrolled for 3 or more semester hours of required computer science/information technology/cybersecurity courses each semester. This includes students transferring from other institutions if they are classified as freshmen after all of their transfer credit has been applied.

Who should apply?

Eligible students (as described above) with a minimum SAT score of 1200 (critical reading & mathematics) or a minimum ACT score of 27 (composite) and a high school GPA of at least 3.0. Students transferring from another institution must have a transfer GPA of at least 3.0.

What is awarded?

$1000.00 ($500.00 per semester) renewable for the second semester if the student maintains a GPA of at least 3.0, good academic standing, and a grade of ‘B’ or better is earned for all computer science courses.

How do I apply?

Applications must be received no later than June 1. Applications are reviewed starting on May 1.

Apply Here

Please Note:
All scholarship recipients must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 semester hours (to include at least 3 hours of required computer science courses) for each semester they are awarded the scholarship. They also must not change to a major outside of the TSYS School of Computer Science during those semesters. Scholarship recipients who do not abide by these conditions will forfeit their awards.

Graduate Assistantships and Scholarships

Graduate Assistant Position


Graduate assistants in the School of Computer Science are required to undertake research under a Computer Science faculty supervisor to complete a Master’s by thesis. Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) will be expected to assist with teaching.

Knowledge, skills, qualities or other requirements

Preference will be given to applicants who have completed at least one semester’s worth of research supervised by a CSU Computer Science faculty, or have done research work at another institution resulting in a published paper, report or conference presentation.


$6,000 per semester (Fall and Spring) plus tuition waiver


A minimum overall GPA of at least 3.0 must be maintained for graduate courses taken since the award of an assistantship for continuing eligibility. Performance as a graduate teaching assistant will also be reviewed at the end of each semester for assistantships to be continued for the following semester.

Any current openings for graduate assistantship positions can be found and applied for through the Columbus State University Employment Opportunities page at

Enquiries at:

Graduate Academic Scholarship

The TSYS School of Computer Science at Columbus State University offers two scholarships each year to graduate students applying for admission to the Master’s program in Applied Computer Science or Cybersecurity Management. Current students in either of these two graduate programs at CSU are not eligible to apply. The award is $2,500 per semester for a maximum of two semesters. Applications can be submitted at any time during the year and will be reviewed after the applicant has been accepted for admission to the Master’s program. Questions should be directed to with the subject line "Graduate Scholarship".

Eligibility Requirements

Acceptance as a Master’s student in Applied Computer Science or Cybersecurity Management in the TSYS School of Computer Science

A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or a minimum GRE score of 300

Requirements for Maintaining the Scholarship

Enrollment as a full-time graduate student in the TSYS School of Computer Science

A minimum overall GPA of 3.3 in graduate coursework with a grade of ‘B’ or higher in each course completed at CSU since receiving the scholarship award

Enquiries at:


Students, who formally withdraw or reduce their course load during the semester the scholarship is awarded, will be expected to repay the award. Failure to repay the award will result in “unfavorable standing” at CSU.

Academic performance will be reviewed at the end of the semester to verify continuing eligibility.

The TSYS School of Computer Science reserves the right to cancel a scholarship award for conduct inconsistent with the goals of the school, including non-academic issues.

If the award is cancelled because of failure to meet the requirements for maintaining the scholarship as listed above, the recipient may reapply for the scholarship the following semester.

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