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TSYS School of Computer Science


  • Academic Center for Tutoring
    The university's center for tutoring assistance in math, science, writing, and humanities.
  • ACM Code of Ethics
    Commitment to ethical professional conduct is expected of every member (voting members, associate members, and student members) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). This code of ethics is binding for faculty and students at the TSYS School of Computer Science.
  • ACM Digital Library
    The Digital Library is the full-text repository of papers from publications that have been published, co-published or co-marketed by ACM and other publishers. The Guide is a collection of bibliographic citations and abstracts of works published by ACM and other publishers. Citations for all ACM published works are included in the Guide as a small subset of the total bibliographic space.
  • Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
    To be a trained professional in the Computer Science Field, you need exposure to some expensive software. Recognizing the financial hardship that this places on many students, the school has purchased some of this software for you through Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.
  • Coding Bootcamp
    Enhance your skills through a programming bootcamp.
  • Computer Science Careers
    Explore options and career paths for the CS professional.
  • Four-Year Course Rotation Schedule (PDF)
    Need to know when a course is being offered for your degree? Review our course rotation schedule.
  • Recent College Grad's Guide to Getting Hired
    This guide will assist students in building job search resources, developing a solid network, and deploying an effective search strategy that will land interviews and, most importantly , their first job out of school.
  • Tutoring Lab Schedule

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Ask Cody