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Pre-Veterinary Program Requirements - Columbus State University

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Department of Biology

Pre-Veterinary Program Requirements

Most students attending Columbus State University who are interested in attending veterinary school after graduation earn degrees in Biology. The actual degree you earn is less important than the courses you take but it would be difficult to major in a program other than biology, meet those requirements and graduate in a reasonable length of time. Being located in West-central Georgia the vast majority of our graduates attend veterinary school at the University of Georgia, Auburn University and Tuskegee University but if you complete your biology degree with us then you should be ready to meet the admissions requirements at most U.S. schools of veterinary medicine. In fact, we have had students accepted to veterinary schools from New England to the Caribbean.

What courses should you take?

If you complete the Bachelor of Science Degree at Columbus State University, being sure to take Biochemistry as one of your elective courses your senior year, then you will have met the course requirements for admissions at nearly every school of veterinary medicine in the nation. A few schools, including Auburn University, currently require a course in Animal Nutrition. Transferable, online courses are acceptable to meet that requirement and it can be used to satisfy part of your biology degree program.

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