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Pre-Medical Program Requirements - Columbus State University

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Department of Biology

Pre-Medical Program Requirements

Note: If you are interested in pursuing a medical degree or in taking the MCAT, check out the Competitive Pre-Med Program page.

To get into medical school you need to have the following classes:

  • One year of English (ENGL 1101 and 1102)
  • One year of Mathematics (Pre-Calculus is fine for Georgia schools, with another math, but if you want to go to the big med schools like Cornell or John Hopkins you will need to take Calculus with Analytical Geometry)
  • One year of Biology with labs (BIOL 1215 and BIOL 1225)
  • One year of Physics with labs (PHYS 1111 and 1311; 1112 and 1312)
  • One year of General Chemistry (CHEM 1211 and 1211L; 1212 and 1212L)
  • One year of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3111 and 3311; 3112 and 3312)

The above courses are required by all medical colleges in the southeast.

In addition, you would be well-advised to take the following courses so that you even have a prayer of making a good grade on your MCAT:

  • One year of Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 2221 and 2222 – this will also help you in medical school, especially with the histology class you will be required to take)
  • One semester or two of Biochemistry (CHEM 3141) – Biochemistry will also be on your MCATs and will be a class you have to take in medical school, so having the foundations under your belt is essential.
  • Genetics (BIOL 3216) – this was added to the MCATs within the last couple of years, thus it is information that will be of great help.

Department of Biology Pre-Medical Faculty Advisors

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