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Internships - Columbus State University

Department of Biology


The Department of Biology offers an opportunity to complete an undergraduate internship experience in the B.S. degree in biology. The department has been at the front in a national trend to provide such experiences for undergraduate students. The purpose of the undergraduate internship experience is to better develop critical thinking and those intellectual and technical skills associated with planning, executing, and communicating research discoveries. If you have questions regarding an undergraduate internship program you should contact a Biology professor. If you need ideas, inspiration, or information on which professor to contact, see the Ongoing/Recently Completed Internships section below.

Internship Courses

BIOL 4391 (Research or Internship Proposal)

Students may (and are encouraged to) work on and complete a proposal during earlier semesters. By midterm of the semester in which a student is enrolled in BIOL 4391, the student must submit a signed form indicating an approved research topic, the name of a mentor, and the name of a reader to the BIOL 4391 instructor. If they have not accomplished this by midterm, they will be dropped from the class and receive a WF. Students should submit a first draft of their proposal well before the end of classes. Faculty members are not required to read papers submitted after the end of classes. IP's should be granted only in cases where the student has made good progress. Students who have not submitted a draft proposal before classes end will receive an F. Students receiving an IP have one semester to complete the proposal or the grade converts to an F.

  • Note: Once the signed form is submitted, the student is also subject to the specific guidelines of the mentor. This is not a repeatable course if the student has an "IP."

BIOL 4698 (Internship)

Academic credit may be earned for approved biological work experiences, either as a volunteer or through employment. An internship experience must be approved through a formal proposal process (Biol 4391) and agreed upon by the on-site supervisor working with the CSU student and faculty mentor. Successful completion requires a written evaluation from the on-site supervisor, student written report and an oral presentation to faculty and students. Requires a total of 4 hours.

Ongoing/Recently Completed Internships

Below is a list of ongoing or recently completed internships, locations. and the mentors for the projects. This should serve as a potential reference for any students looking into pursuing undergraduate internships.

Internship Organization Faculty
  Southwest Georgia Family Medicine Residency Hughes
Population Dynamics of Great White Sharks White Shark Africa Stokes and Hendricks
Relationship between the Positive Result of internal Parasites in Canines and Socioeconomic Standing of Owners Vet to Pet Services Ruehl
Influential Factors on the Coliform Count in a Captive Polar Bear Enclosure The Alaska Zoo Stokes
Bronchiolitis Treatment in Pediatric Emergency Medicine Columbus Regional Hughes and Klar
Host Fish Identification Trials for the Unionid Mussel Taxoplasma paulum Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Ruehl and Hendricks
Effect of Laser Therapy on Dural Hematomas in Canis lupu familiaris Valley Veterinary Associates Stokes
Comparison of how Three Diets Affect Survival and Growth Rates of Sickelfin Redhorse Moxostoma Warm Springs Fish Hatchery Barone and Ruehl
Patient Subjective Pain Rating and Duration of Action of 0.5% Ropivacaine and 0.25% Bupivacaine in Brachial Plexus Nerve Blockage Anesthesiologist/St. Francis Hospital Hughes and Schwartz
Retrospective Study of Birds of Prey Treated at the Southeastern Raptor Center in Auburn, AL Southeastern Raptor Center; Auburn University J. Newbrey and Barone
The Effects of Weight, Age, and Breed on recovery Time of Canis lupus familiaris Vet 2 Pet Services Stokes
Screening for Pathogenic Escherichia coli in the Chattahoochee River, Columbus, GA Columbus Water Works King and Davis
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