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Online Exhibitions - Columbus State University

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Department of Art

Study art in a community of creative learners.

Online Exhibitions

Peach Belt Art Exhibition

Every year the PBC championship features a regional art exhibit with work from students that attend many of the schools in the conference.

This year we are so proud of our students who participated in this exhibition, Abigail Lloyd, Jonathan MacGregor, Jordan Tikkanen, Teresa Phillips, Vihn Huyhn, Carlie Hedges and Mary Cameron. 
The winners of this year's PBC Art Exhibition in General Category are:

1st Place - "Not My Brother's Keeper" by Jonathan MacGregor, Columbus State.  Oil on canvas.
3rd Place - "Mount and Balance, Columbus, Georgia" by Jordan Tikannen, Columbus State.  Photography

Peach Belt Art Exhibition Website

IB Hardaway High School Online Exhibition

The Department of Art is pleased to present the Hardaway High School IB Art Exhibition. Taught by Mr. Scott Black, this exhibition by the International Baccalaureate students is a collection of capstone high school art portfolios . The Hardaway High School IB visual arts program encourages students to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries. It is a thought-provoking program in which students develop analytical skills in problem-solving and divergent thinking, while working towards technical proficiency and confidence as art-makers.

Visit the IB Hardaway High School Online Exhibition

Ivoire Fashion, BA Senior Thesis Works by Ryan Pagett

The Department of Art is pleased to present Ivoire Fashion works by recent graduate, Ryan Pagett. Ryan was born in the small town of Madison, GA. He is now a graduate of Columbus State University with a Bachelors of Science in Art Education. He has accepted a teaching position at Indian Creek Middle school and shall begin teaching in the fall, however he one day hopes to work in the museum field.

You can follow his future projects on his Instagram ryanpagettaes and see his film work at YouTube channel, Ryan Pagett.

Visit the Online Gallery for Ivoire Fashion

Questions We Ponder: Columbus High School Advanced Placement Art Exhibition

The Department of Art is pleased to present the Columbus High School Advanced Placement Art Exhibition, Questions We Ponder.

Taught by Mrs. Gretchen Brand, this exhibition by the Advanced Placement students is the Art and Design Portfolios Sustained Investigations project. This class offers students the opportunity to make and present works of art; and design based on an in depth investigation of materials, processes and ideas done over time. It involves practice, experimentation and revision using materials, processes and ideas. The Sustained Investigation is expected to demonstrate skillful synthesis of materials, processes and ideas Each student has developed personal inquiry questions and responses. The bodies of work are as varied as the questions they pondered.

Visit the Questions We Ponder: Columbus High School Advanced Placement Art Exhibition in the Online Gallery

Drifting into the Later, BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition

Join us in congratulating the graduating BFA Seniors of 2020. The student exhibition is traditional installed in the Illges Gallery. This year due to our present situation the Department of Art designed the exhibition in this online gallery. Please view the works by Dalton Tanner Newbend, Jade Tamaski, Sydney Flatt, Will Lytton, Emily Williams, Joshua Newbend, and Vanessa Bischoff.

Visit the Drifting into the Later, BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition in the Online Gallery

2020 CSU Student Juried Art Exhibition

This Spring's Juried Art Exhibition displays the energy and talents of our students. Juror, Didi Dunphy, the director of the Lyndon Center for the Arts in Athens, Georgia was so impressed by the diversity of skills and ideas of our students.

Visit the 2020 CSU Student Juried Art Exhibition in the Online Gallery

Auspicious Behavior, Chakaia Booker

Chakaia Booker fuses ecological concerns with explorations of racial and economic difference, globalization, and gender by recycling discarded tires into complex assemblages. Booker began to integrate discarded construction materials into large, outdoor sculptures in the early 1990s. Tires resonate with her for their versatility and rich range of historical and cultural associations. Booker slices, twists, weaves, and rivets this medium into radically new forms and textures, which easily withstand outdoor environments. For her, the varied tones of the rubber parallels human diversity, while the tire treads suggest images as varied as African scarification and textile designs. The visible wear and tear on the tires evokes the physical marks of human aging. Equally, Booker's use of discarded tires references industrialization, consumer culture, and environmental concerns.

Booker's artistic process is enormously physical, from transporting the tires to reshaping them with machinery. Though she has adopted utilitarian jeans and work boots in her studio, she always wears a large, intricately wrapped headdress, which has links to her earliest wearable art and has become her fashion signature. Booker received a B.A. in sociology from Rutgers University in 1976, and an M.F.A. from the City College of New York in 1993. She gained international acclaim at the 2000 Whitney Biennial with It's So Hard to Be Green (2000), her 12.5 x 21 foot wall-hung tire sculpture. Booker received the Pollock-Krasner Grant in 2002 and a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2005. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Visit the Auspicious Behavior Exhibition in the Online Gallery
Chakaia Booker's Website

Books and Texts, Maria Porges

With a lifelong relationship with the printed word, Maria Porges explore books as both physical material and subject matter. As a primary source for her collages, she has been making art for the past three years using the library left behind by her Anglophile grandmother Mary Löw, a citizen of the late Austro-Hungarian Gê Orthof Empire and an avid reader of mediocre German translations of novels by British writers. "These volumes—printed in many different old-fashioned blackletter typefaces, all equally impenetrable—were unwanted by libraries or collectors and destined for landfill by the time I took them in. Their new life as art functions as reclamation of their value and, at the same time, serves as an uncomfortable recognition of the decreasing role of books in a digital media world." For over two decades, Maria Porges's art work has been exhibited internationally, and her critical writing has appeared in many publications, including Artforum, Art in America, Sculpture, American Ceramics, Glass, the New York Times Book Review, and a host of now-defunct art magazines. Porges is an Associate Professor at California College of the Arts in the Graduate Program in Fine Arts. Maria worked on her book project—both the collages and texts and the final design while in residence at Columbus State University this spring.

Visit the Books and Texts Exhibition in the Online Gallery
Maria Porges' Website

Small Talks

The Do Good Fund Salon and Gallery and Illges Gallery, Columbus State University

The Do Good Fund, Inc. is a Columbus, Georgia based public charity. Since its founding in 2012, the fund has focused on building a museum-quality collection of photographs taken in the American South since World War II. The collection ranges from works by more than twenty Guggenheim Fellows to images by lesser known and emerging photographers working in the region.

Do Good's mission is to make its collection of nearly 600 images broadly accessible through regional museums, nonprofit galleries, and nontraditional venues and to encourage complementary, community-based programming to accompany each exhibition. Small Talks is an exhibition that is paired with an audio stories inspired by the collection. This exhibition features Jerry Siegel, Kevin Klein, and Baldwin Lee.

Visit the Small Talks Exhibition in the Online Gallery
Small Talks Website

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