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Career Development - Columbus State University

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Career Development

Take Advantage of Opportunities for Career Development and Exploration

Your enrollment is a step in the right direction toward a great career. You enter the university with hopes, dreams, and goals for your future. Our mission at CSU'sCenter for Career Design is to help you clarify and meet those goals.

Which direction should I take?

Not so sure about what direction you should take? We hear that every day. Career counseling at the Counseling Center is available. It offers assessment tools to explore your interests, talents and aptitudes – matching them to majors that lead to productive careers.

How will I get a job?

Some students think that getting the degree guarantees getting the job. Not so! Sometimes it is the people who are good at job searching who get the best jobs. It's never too early to learn the rules of good job searching.

What do I need to do now?

  • Doing well in class is important; making good decisions out of class is also essential. One bad decision on the weekend can cause you to fail a background check and can cost you the job of your dreams.
  • Go to seminars – this year! Do not wait to learn how to write a resume or how to interview. Even jobs at the mall sometimes require a resume.
  • Do something to get experience. Volunteer, check out the internships, look at the part-time jobs. Employers want to hire people who have done something.
  • Talk with employers when they come to campus. You are invited to the job fairs. Ask what skills the employers look for in new hires, what they look for on the resume and what questions they ask in the interview.
  • Getting started now puts you ahead of those who procrastinate.

Sometimes it is who you know that helps you get the job. Get to know the staffers of the Center for Career Design and the services they offer.

Ask Cody

Ask Cody