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Career Counseling - Columbus State University

Counseling Center

Career Counseling

People who wish to explore career and vocational choices, as well as academic majors and changes in goals, can benefit from career counseling. The Counseling Center often uses interest inventories and other assessment measures to assist in the process of choosing a major/career.

The ultimate goal is to assist people in developing sound self-evaluation techniques. In addition, the center has a variety of current reference material about careers, as well as a computer-based system that includes information on specific occupations, job characteristics, employment outlook, training and educational facilities.

Which is the Right Department for Me? A Career Counseling FAQ

Head here, to the Counseling Center, for Career Counseling! They will help you decide on a major and a career path based on your values, interests, and personality.

Instead of the Counseling Center, head to CSU Advise for Academic Advising! They will help you plan out the courses you need to take to graduate on time. CSU Advise - Schuster 202 - 706-507-8780

Instead of the Counseling Center, head to the Center for Career Development for Career Advising! They will help you gain experience and articulate your skills on your resume and in interviews. Career Development - 706-507-8760

Steps to Career Success

Freshman Year

  • Locate and explore the Counseling Center.
  • Locate and explore the Career Center.
  • Begin an assessment of personal interests and skills.
  • Make an appointment with a counselor in the Counseling Center.
  • Explore various majors that interest you.

Sophomore Year

  • Explore career opportunities related to academic areas of interest.
  • Choose a major or re-evaluate your present choice.
  • Consider career-related activities (e.g., summer employment, part-time work, volunteer jobs, student organizations) to help you explore beyond the academic environment.

Junior Year

  • Continue to explore career opportunities related to your major.
  • Talk to people who are working in fields you think you'd like. What do they do? (Information Interview)
  • If graduate school is an option, take entrance exams (GRE, GMAT, MAT, LSAT, etc.) and start application process.
  • Inventory skills and abilities that you have developed appropriate to the world of work.

Senior Year

  • Go to the Career Center to check on the campus recruitment schedule.
  • Initiate a job search with the Career Center; identify potential employers, research employers and companies, network, develop or refine résumé(s), and interview.
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