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Description of Latest Updates - Columbus State University

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Description of Latest Updates

Undergraduate Academic Programs

  • College of Science:
    • BS in Applied Computer Science: Degree requirements changed. (8/30/99)
    • BS in Computer Science: Degree requirements changed. (8/30/99)

Undergraduate Academic Regulations

  • Grade and Grade Point Averages:
    • Explanation of Grade Point Averages: "Cumulative grade point average" changed to "Regents' (cumulative) grade point average" and "Combined grade point average" changed to "Overall grade point average".  Definition of "Overall grade point average" revised to include "(after omitting grades in previously attempted courses which have been taken and repeated at Columbus State University)".  (8/26/99)
    • Academic Forgiveness Policy: "The institutional grade point average is used to determine academic standing at Columbus State University. Refer to the Academic Standing section for further information." has been deleted. (8/26/99)
  • Academic Standing:
    • Academic Standing:   "Institutional" changed to "overall" when referring to grade point averages that affect academic standing. "Hours attempted and grade points earned at other institutions are not used in computing grade point averages as they affect academic standing." changed to "Hours attempted...are used...." (8/26/99)
    • Satisfactory Progress Levels:   "Minimum institutional grade point average for satisfactory progress" changed to "Minimum overall ...." (8/26/99)

Course Descriptions

  • ASTR All Course Descriptions Revised. (8/30/99)
  • CHEM 1211 and 1211L, MATH 1111 pre-requisite removed. (6/25/02)
  • CISM Courses Replaced: CISM 1111, 1112, and 2105 replaced with CISM 2105, 3111, and 3112. (8/30/99)
  • CPSC All Course Listings Revised. (8/30/99)
  • GRNT Course Description Added for GRNT 5107. (9/13/99)
  • MATH Course Number Correction:  6105 changed to 6505.  (7/16/99)
  • ROTC New Course Listings. (8/30/99)
  • SOCI Course Number Correction:  3108 changed to 3508.  (7/16/99)

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