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CSU Tutorial Services - Columbus State University

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Academic Center for Tutoring

More Tutoring and Support Services

CSU has more tutoring services beyond the ACT. These services are managed by other units or departments of the University.

Adult Resource Center

Please visit University Hall room 026 for Adult Resource Center (ARC) location. The ARC is a designated lounge for students who are 23 and older that features computers, a network printer, large study/lounge tables, white board, and coffee. The ARC is an oasis for adult students who want a designated space to study, relax, and connect with other adult students. For more information, please contact Susan Lovell at

Business Tutoring

The Turner College of Business & Technology offers a tutoring lab which is available to all students currently enrolled in ACCT 2101, ACCT 2102, BUSA 3115, ECON 2105, ECON 2106, FINC 3105, FINC 3115, and MISM 2115. 

The Business Tutoring Lab is located in the Center for Commerce and Technology, room 347.

For more information, call 706-507-8158 or visit the Turner College of Business & Technology tutoring webpage.

Computer Science Lab

The TSYS Department of Computer Science offers lab assistants to help with all of your Computer Science needs. They offer help with many introductory computing topics including Python, Java, data structures, computer organization, web programming, etc.

The Computer Science Lab is located in the Center for Commerce and Technology (CCT), room 450.

For more information, call 706-507-8170 or visit TSYS Department of Computer Science Resources.

Konan Language Learning Center

Administered by the Department of Modern & Classical Languages, the Konan Language Learning Center is open to all CSU students and faculty, and available by reservation for groups and departments that share an interest in learning about other cultures. The LLC is an active learning and technology enhanced academic support facility where faculty and students have access to and support for language learning software, language placement exams, and computer aided translation (CAT) tools. The following services and capabilities are available to anyone wanting to work on their language skills: Listening/recording/viewing stations, Video library, Internet access, laptops with headset access, and interpreters‘ booth with dual console and 30 receivers for instantaneous interpretations. The LLC strives to be a dedicated space for faculty led language and culture activities or student independent study.

The Konan Language Learning Center is located in Howard Hall, room 107.

For more information, call 706-565-4068 or 706-507-8450 or visit Konan Language Learning Center webpage:

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