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Frequently Asked Questions - Columbus State University

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Academic Center for Tutoring

Frequently Asked Questions

General ACT Information

The ACT is a free service provided to all CSU students who are invited to work on their class assignments with knowledgeable subject tutors in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Any CSU student can use the ACT - whether you are in a beginning course, an advanced course, or a graduate course. CSU Alumni are also allowed to use the ACT. We do not tutor non-CSU students. We do not broker tutors' services to offer freelance tutoring outside of the ACT.  Please visit our Policies page.

Please visit Contact for our hours and locations.

Please visit Contact for our hours and locations.

Tutoring Session Information

Students who seek tutoring must first make an appointment. For information on appointments and walk-ins, go to our appointments page.

Our tutors can help with math, science, writing, and humanities. They primarily focus on undergraduate courses, but there is limited help with some aspects of graduate writing.

In a typical session you will sit down with your tutor and describe your assignment and what you would like to work on during the session. You and your tutor will work on those aspects and perhaps others. Before ending the session, you will discuss how you will proceed with your assignment or studies.

Bring your assignment (an actual copy is best). You can also bring notes you have made, references you are using, and anything else relating to the assignment or material.

Yes, generally you can work with the same tutor consistently, as long as you request that person and s/he is working and not already scheduled with another student.

For people in this situation, an Internet consultation may be a very good alternative. Internet appointments are made similarly to face-to-face appointments.

We reserve the computers in the lab for consultations. They are not available for general student use.

Please visit our Student Resources & Policies webpage for helpful academic sources.

If you are interested in working in the ACT, please go to our Employment page. is a company that provides online on-demand tutoring services for a variety of subject areas. Visit their website for more information: has a variety of plan options available for individuals. However, CSU has contracted with USG to provide a limited number of hours of tutoring through to CSU students, paid for by the university. You can purchase additional hours through their website by clicking on ‘Individual Subscriptions’.

Nearly all core courses as well as writing in any course. You can also get help with general study and life skills. You can see the complete list of services available by accessing the CSU landing page through CougarView.

Through CougarView

  1. Check if the ACT has tutors for the service(s) you need. It is always free to see a CSU tutor, subject to availability.
  2. You can request more hours. Whether your request is granted will depend on a variety of factors including available funding.
  3. You can purchase additional hours at as an individual subscription.

Make sure you fill out the survey provided by to let them know. You can also contact the ACT and share your experience by calling 706-507-8646 or emailing We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback! You can also share any positive feedback you have as well!

Information for Faculty

Our tutors will give your students feedback or assistance on their assignments and coursework, including, but not limited to:

  • understanding your assignment instructions
  • generating ideas when the student doesn't know how to start
  • increasing skill level in respective subject or courses
  • developing better study habits
  • helping to build students' confidence in themselves

You can request a tutor come visit your classroom to share information about the ACT. Visits are usually about 15 minutes.

To get started, please submit the Class visit request form.

We prefer that instructors do not assign mandatory tutoring sessions. Students who are forced to come to the ACT are sometimes reluctant or resistant to tutoring. However, we hope that instructors will encourage their students to view the Center as a great resource and to try it out.

Ask Cody

Ask Cody