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Student Travel Procedures - Columbus State University

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Academic Affairs

Student Travel Procedures

Planning your trip

In order to facilitate the planning of domestic student travel and to provide added security for the student participants and the sponsors of the travel, we have created this site to guide the sponsors through the process of planning their trip. The site provides links to all necessary documents and instructions on whether the documents must be completed for each trip. A feature of the process is a repository for travel documents to assure that relevant University officials have access to important documents at all times in cases of emergency.

As a starting point for planning a trip, the sponsors should access the Student Travel Form Process and Routing document (PDF). This document provides, in graphic and text formats, guidance on which forms must be completed for each trip and how they should be routed.

Forms referenced in that document that may need to be completed are:

Not all of these forms will necessarily be filled out for each trip. Refer to the process and routing document.

Image of a safe with foldersTravel Document Repository

Purpose of the Repository

This common drive is intended to house travel documents for students that are accessible to campus officials in case of an emergency. A folder has been created for each department/unit for the depositing of appropriate documentation. Access to the folders is based on perceived need. If you are one of the designated responsible parties in your department or unit you have received notification of your access and should find the folder in your "shared" folders in Google Drive. The Provost Office and University Police have access to all folders. Each department head/unit director and designated administrative assistants have access to their respective folders. For example, deans have access to all departmental folders within their respective colleges.

Note that the contents of the documents may contain medical information subject to HIPAA protections and should be handled to protect the privacy of the traveler(s).

Use & Organization

After travel is approved, have the designated person in your department create a folder under the appropriate unit folder. If you are one of the designated individuals from your department, you should have access to the departmental travel folder in your Google Drive under "Shared with me". Name the folder as follows:


The name of the destination may be brief and is used for quick identification in case of an emergency. The date should be year, month, day (September 12, 2018 would be 20180912)

Examples: 20180912_Ticknor_Oxbow or 20181110_Dempsey_Atlanta

Each folder must contain:

  • Student Field Trip & Travel Approval Form
  • Itinerary
  • Roster
  • A CSU Release & Waiver of Liability Form for each traveler

Note: The CSU Release & Waiver of Liability Form can be completed once for multiple trips within the same academic year. However, an electronic copy of the completed form must be included in each travel folder to insure that the travel leader and campus officials can easily access waiver forms for all travelers on any one trip.

Organizational units are responsible for maintaining the organization of their folder and may add additional folders for subunits, common forms, etc.

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