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CSU Teaching Excellence Award - Columbus State University

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CSU Teaching Excellence Award

The CSU Teaching Excellence award recognizes a faculty member’s strong commitment to teaching and learning. The criteria for selection include demonstrated use of classroom activities designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and/or global and multicultural understanding; use of effective teaching strategies to enhance student learning, such as innovative uses of technology, active learning, learning communities, student portfolios, and assessment; and a strong commitment to fostering academic success through interaction with students outside of the classroom (e.g., advising, mentoring, recruiting, etc.). The winner of this award serves as CSU’s nominee for the USG Regents’ Teaching Excellence Award, and receives a medallion and a stipend sponsored by the Faculty Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

2019-2020 CSU Teaching Excellence Award Winner

Rebecca Gerdes-McClain

Dr. Rebecca Gerdes-McClain, Director of First-Year Composition / Assistant Professor of English
College of Letters and Sciences

Dr. Gerdes-McClain has shown her commitment to our students through her role as an instructor and as Director of FYC. In her role as FYC Director, she successfully spearheaded an eighteen month redesign of the FYC curriculum to create synergy between ENGL 0999, ENGL 1101, and ENGL 1102. These course revisions have served to improve student learning outcomes and increase student success during their FYC experience.

Virtual Advisor