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Key to Location Abbreviations - Columbus State University

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Academic Affairs

Key to Location Abbreviations

Main Campus

Code Location
ARN Arnold Hall
COMMND Command College
CUNNIN Cunningham Conference Center
COURTS Main Campus Tennis Courts
DAV Davidson Student Center
HOW Howard Hall
HTHSAF Health & Wellness Building
ILLG Illges Hall
INTHSE International House
JORD Jordan Hall
LENR LeNoir Hall
LENADD LeNoir Hall (new wing)
LENRAD LeNoir Hall Annex
LIBR Simon Schwob Memorial Library
LMPKN Frank G. Lumpkin Center
PAVSS Pavilion - Southside
RICH Richards Hall
SBALL Softball Complex
SCCT (Formerly CCT) Synovus Center for Commerce & Technology
SH (Formerly FOB) Shannon Hall (Formerly Faculty Office Building)
SOCCER Soccer Complex
SRCTR Student Recreation Center
SSCTR Schuster Student Success Center
STAN Stanley Hall
TUCK Tucker Hall
TURNWK Turner Center Workshop
UH (Formerly FAH) University Hall (Formerly Fine Arts Hall)
WDLL Woodall Hall
WDRF Woodruff Gymnasium

RiverPark Campus

Code Location
ARSENA Yancey Center at One Arsenal Place
CARP Carpenters Building
COEHP Frank Brown Hall
CORN Corn Center
DILHMW Dillingham Place
FA900 Front Avenue-Sol Loeb
FA933 Front Avenue-Seaboard Depot
RANKIN Rankin Building
RCPA RiverCenter for the Performing Arts
SPAC Coca-Cola Space Science Center
UTHEA University Theatre

Other Locations

Code Location
FTBN Fort Moore **
GYMUNL Gymnastics Unlimited *
HOSP Hospital *
MCSD Muscogee County School District *
ONLINE Online classes
OXBW Oxbow Meadows ELC
PAST Pastoral Institute *
PINEWD Pinewood Studios, Atlanta *
PLANET Planet Ocean Scuba Center *
SPRING Springer Opera House *
TBA To be arranged

* A location off CSU campus

** If the Force Protection Condition at Fort Moore is raised for any reason to a level that does not allow non-military students and/or teachers on post, the class will be moved to a location on CSU's main campus.

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