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Chairs Assembly - Columbus State University

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Academic Affairs

Chairs Assembly


Department Chair Center, Department, Program, or School
Kimberly Gill, Chair Politics, Philosophy, and Public Administration
TBD, Secretary  
Nick Norwood Art
Monica Frazier Biology
Floyd Jackson Chemistry
Danna Gibson Communication
Shamim Khan Computer Science
Kimberly Gill Criminal Justice & Sociology
Floyd Jackson Earth and Space Sciences
Judi Livingston English
Tesa Leonce Finance & Accounting
Clay Nicks Kinesiology & Health Sciences
Gary Sprayberry History & Geography
John Finley Management and Marketing
Guihong Fan Mathematics
Joelle Bonamy Modern & Classical Languages
Scott Harris Music
Tamara Condrey Nursing
Aisha Adams Psychology
Deniz Peker Teacher Education, Leadership & Counseling
Larry Dooley Theatre and Dance
Kimberly Shaw/Debbie Gober UTeach

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