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UTeach Columbus Courses - Columbus State University

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UTeach Columbus

UTeach Columbus Courses

Course Semesters Offered
UTCH 1201 Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching Fall and Spring
UTCH 1202 Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design Fall and Spring
UTCH 2203 Step 3: Technological and Pedagogical Content Knowledge Fall
UTCH 2105 Knowing and Learning in Math and Science Fall and Spring
ITDS 2125 Historical Perspectives on the Philosophy of Science and Math Fall
UTCH 2215 Research Methods Spring
UTCH 3115 Functions and Modeling (for math majors only) Spring
UTCH 3205 Classroom Interactions Fall and Spring
UTCH 4205 Project-Based Instruction Fall and Spring
UTCH 4485 Student Teaching Fall and Spring
UTCH 4795 Student Teaching Seminar Fall and Spring
SPED 4115 Teaching Math & Science to Exceptional Learners Fall and Spring
EDCI 2405 Elementary Practicum in Computer Science (for computer science majors only) Spring

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