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UTeach Columbus

About Us


The mission of UTeach Columbus is to recruit and prepare highly qualified mathematics, science, and computer science teachers who demonstrate excellence in teaching, scholarship, and professionalism. Ultimately, the result of efforts to achieve excellence will be improved student learning in P-12 math, science, and computer science classrooms.


School partners play an important role in the preparation of teachers. P-12 classrooms provide real-world settings where teacher candidates can apply their knowledge and skills to help students learn math, science and computer science. Columbus State University partners with schools in Muscogee County and Harris County. These school systems provide enriching and diverse settings for UTeach Columbus field experiences.

STEM Education Advisory Council

The STEM Education Advisory Council oversees program activities, establishes program policies, assesses progress in meeting goals, sets priorities and assigns tasks. 

About Teaching

There is a critical shortage of STEM teachers -those qualified to teach science, technology, engineering and math-related courses — in Georgia and across the nation. Georgia colleges and universities aren't preparing enough STEM teachers to meet the needs of the state's middle and high schools.

Muscogee County School District:

In 2019-2020, the starting salary for a teacher with a bachelor's degree and 0-3 years of experience was $38,115. Some school districts also offer a salary supplement. The supplement for Muscogee County School District is $3950, bringing the total salary to $41,705 for 2019-2020.

The starting salary for a teacher with a master's degree and 0-3 years of experience was $43,382 for 2019-2020. With the salary supplement in Muscogee County, the total salary was $47,146.

For a complete teacher salary schedule for Muscogee County, see the Muscogee County School District Human Resources Website.

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