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What to Expect on Testing Day - Columbus State University

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Testing Center

What to Expect on Testing Day

When you arrive at the Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center, take the stairs to the 2nd floor, follow the signs to the Testing Center, and enter the CSU Testing Center, room 205.

You will be greeted by the proctor and asked to:

  • present your government issued photo ID(s) with signature; and
  • show the proctor that you have powered off your cell phone, Fitbit, and smart watch.

The proctor will assign you a locker to store all your items, except those permitted to be used for your test. Items that must be stored include, but are not limited to:

  • Watches, Fitbits
  • Gum, candy, food, drinks
  • Hats and other head coverings
  • Coats and other outwear (unless worn during testing)
  • Tissue (unless supplied by the Testing Center)
  • Purses, book bags, briefcases, and other personal items
  • Cell phones; electronic book readers, even if allowed by an instructor; laptops, pagers, and other electronic devices

You will be asked to:

  • pull up your sleeves to confirm you are not wearing a watch or Fitbit; and
  • empty your pockets and turn them inside out to confirm that you have no items.

The proctor will then provide you with testing instructions and assign you to a workstation to begin testing.

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