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CSU Proctored Exams: Faculty Guide - Columbus State University

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Testing Center

CSU Proctored Exams: Faculty Guide

Proctoring services may be required when an instructor cannot be present, either in-person or remote, for an exam. Proctored exams are typically supervised by an authorized, trained, and neutral individual who verifies the identity of the test taker and ensures the integrity of the test taking environment. The Testing Center offers a variety of proctor options, from in-person, which is most secure, to completely automated, which is least secure.

Step 1: Choose the Remote Proctoring Modality

Option 1:

Remote: Hybrid/Live (i.e. ProctorU)—this option is more secure as it provides real time interaction with a proctor.

  • Requires a student to make their appointment at least 3 weeks ahead of time to ensure proctor availability.
  • Instructors will be provided with a link for students to use to purchase and schedule their exam.
  • Requires computer, webcam, microphone, and reliable internet.
  • Cost to student per exam: $15 - $30

Option 2:

Remote: A.I. Only (i.e. Respondus Monitor)—the least secure option; exams are not monitored in real time. There is no proctor present to interact with the test-taker, nor detect and correct suspicious behavior.

  • Requires computer, webcam, microphone, and reliable internet.
  • Cost to student per exam: $15 Subscription
  • Instructor will choose Respondus Monitor when creating the exam.
  • Resources for using Respondus Monitor can be found in the Lockdown Browser dashboard under Assessments in CougarView.

Option 3:

In-person: CSU Testing Center—this option is the most secure. The in-person option can be used in addition to the remote proctor modalities.

  • Included as an option for all CSU Proctored Exams.
  • Requires an appointment through the Testing Center’s web page. Seating is limited. Please advise your students to schedule early.
  • Cost to student per exam: $50

Note: Students who live outside a 50 miles radius of Columbus and wish to test in person can coordinate with the Testing Center to identify an approved in-person proctor. These students must complete a Student Proctor Form in their MyCSU to begin the External Proctor Verification Process.

Step 2: Complete 'Proctor Services Request' Form in Banner

After determining your proctoring modality, submit the “Proctor Services Request” form no later than the first Friday of the semester to ensure schedule availability for all modalities.

  1. Log into MyCSU
  2. Select The Forms tab
  3. Search Proctor Services Request Form
  4. Create a new Proctor Services Request form
  5. Complete all fields and select Submit

Each course requires a new Proctor Services Request form; up to 3 separate exams may be entered on the form. For Proctor Services Request Form Modifications, send an email to to request revisions and edits to the original submission as necessary.

Step 3: Add Announcement to Course & Syllabus

Add an announcement in the course syllabus and LMS to ensure students have ample notification of requirements and fees associated with proctored exams. The announcement must include name of the exam, date(s), time(s), and the permitted remote modality of the exam, as well as student registration instructions. The Testing Center will post the announcement in your course, upon request. If you choose Option 1, Hybrid/Live, the Testing Center will provide you with a unique link to use in your announcement. (Note: Future courses utilizing proctored exams should be noted in Banner before registration opens; please contact Section Data Entry for assistance).

Examples of Proctored Exam Announcements (PDF)

Exam Day Process for Students: The Testing Center will provide resources to students, depending on the proctor option chosen for the exam. These resources are provided here, as well as in the Student Guide.

Resources for Faculty:

Resources for Students:

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