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DSST Program - Columbus State University

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DSST Program

The DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) Program is a nationally recognized testing program that gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for learning acquired outside the traditional college classroom. There are no prerequisites required to take DANTES; however, because requirements differ from college to college, please check with your college or university before taking any test. Tests are computer-based. For a listing of tests and study materials, go to the Get College Credit website. Read the DSST test taker bulletin (PDF) for important information about testing. For official scores to be sent to the institution of your choice, you must provide the institution's 4-digit DSST code at the time of your examination.

Restrictions: The Public Speaking test is not available at the CSU Testing Center.

Administrative fee: $35, payable to CSU. Payment is made online when you schedule your appointment.

Test fee: You will pay the $85 test fee to DSST when you are seated for your exam so you will need to bring your credit card to your appointment. 

Required ID: Your identification must be valid (unexpired), original, and include your full legal name, a recent photo, and signature. Acceptable IDs include passport, government-issued driver's license, state ID, or military ID. DANTES funded eligible military test takers must provide a valid Common Access Card (CAC).

You will also need a credit card to make the test payment when you are seated for the exam.

To schedule an appointment, visit the registration website and then select DSST from the dropdown menu.

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