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CLEP Testing Program - Columbus State University

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Testing Center

CLEP Testing Program

Earn college credit for what you already know through this credit-by-examination program. The College-Level Examination Program®, or CLEP, offers 33 computer-based exams in history and social sciences, composition and literature, science and math, business, and world languages.  Each institution determines which exams it will accept for credit. Students should familiarize themselves with CLEP by visiting the CLEP website.

For a list of CLEP tests accepted for credit at CSU.

Eligibility: The CSU Testing Center is an open CLEP center, which means we administer CLEP exams to any registered test taker. Check with your college or university to learn which CLEP exams are accepted.

Scores: Official score reports are sent by CLEP about 3 weeks after testing. At CSU, scores and credit are based on Pass/Fail, not letter grades. For a list of CLEP tests accepted for credit at CSU.

CLEP retest policy: You may not repeat an exam of the same title within three months of the initial testing date. If you retake the exam within the three-month period, your administration will be considered invalid, your score will be canceled, and any test fees will be forfeited.

Test preparation: Please visit the CLEP website for study material and details on each exam.

Administrative cost: $30, payable to CSU and made online when you schedule your appointment.

Exam fee is payable to CLEP when you purchase your exam.

ID requirements: 

  • Your driver's license, passport or other government-issued identification that includes your photograph and signature. The last name on your ID must match the name on your registration ticket. Unacceptable IDs include credit or debit cards of any kind, social security card, employee ID.
  • Military test-takers, bring your military ID and Social Security card.
  • Homeschoolers, if you do not have the required government-issued ID, please complete a CLEP Student ID Form, which is valid for one year. The form must be accompanied by a recognizable photo, with a school or notary seal overlapping the photo. The form must be signed in front of a school official or notary.

Items needed for the test: Your valid registration ticket from the My Account (CLEP) registration portal (see below).

To take a CLEP test, follow these steps:

1. Purchase your exam (currently $89) at the CLEP web page through the My Account Registration portal. You must bring your CLEP registration ticket to your appointment. Test is free for qualified military personnel. This link will also list the ID requirements.

2. Schedule your appointment to take the test. To schedule your appointment to test on campus at the Columbus State University Testing Center, go to CLEP Test Registration and then select CLEP from the dropdown menu.

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