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SL at CSU - Columbus State University

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William B. Turner Center for Servant Leadership


What is Servant Leadership at Columbus State University?

Servant leadership was adopted as one of the University’s six core values in 2009.

At CSU, Servant Leadership is defined as:

“Effective, ethical leadership through empowerment and service.”

To help our students, staff, faculty practice servant leadership, we encourage our campus community to make a commitment to demonstrate the following behaviors:

  1. I will be Inclusive.
  2. I will be Humble.
  3. I will be Self-Aware.
  4. I will be Authentic.
  5. I will have Foresight.
  6. I will be a Visionary.
  7. I will build Community.
  8. I will Empower Others.
  9. I will Develop Others.
  10. I will Encourage Others.

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