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Mentoring - Columbus State University

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William B. Turner Center for Servant Leadership


Dialogue Partners

One of the most exciting aspects of the Servant Leadership Program is the opportunity for students to mentor and be mentored. Each Servant Leadership student is matched with a community leader, CSU faculty member and senior Servant Leadership student mentor. Through these relationships, our students see servant leadership in practice.

Senior students can be mentored by a professional in their future career field. This allows them to understand how Servant Leadership fits in the workplace while also providing useful networking and shadowing experience. Examples of career mentors have included dentists, teachers, local politicians, and corporate partners.

a student taking notes with her mentor sitting next to her, both smiling

Become A Mentor

Servant Leadership students have the opportunity to pay it forward and mentor an at-risk child through a school-based mentoring program. These programs are as valuable to the mentor as they are to the child mentee.

Mentors Group Picture

Mentors Group Picture

Mentor crafting with child

Ask Cody

Ask Cody