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Exchange Student Information - Columbus State University

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Center for Global Engagement

Exchange Student Information - Columbus State University

Traditional Exchange Student Program

Applying Students

Welcome to Columbus State University!

This page will help you navigate the exchange process if you are coming from one of our partner institutions with an exchange agreement.

(See the full list of those partner institutions.)

An exchange student is a student who comes to Columbus State University for a specific period of time and not to pursue a degree. Exchange students are selected from their home institution to study for one or two semesters.

The application process for exchange students is different than that of a regular degree-seeking student. CSU's partner universities will decide which applications to forward to us as nominated exchange students. CSU's Center for Global Engagement must receive complete application packets from partner universities by the following dates:

Fall Semester (beginning in August)

  • Nominations due by 1 February
  • Applications due by 1 March

Spring Semester (beginning in January)

  • Nominations due by 1 September
  • Applications due by 1 October

Note: CSU will make the final determination whether to accept the nominated exchange students.

To apply, please complete the Exchange Student Application.


The benefits of each exchange program are different and vary depending on the agreement that your institution has with Columbus State University. Every international student has the same benefits of having access to immigration and cultural advising from the Center for Global Engagement and international student programs that are offered on-campus. If you have any questions about the services that are offered for international students or exchange students, contact the Center for Global Engagement at

What to Expect

You should select courses that you believe will transfer back to your home institution and courses that will benefit your educational goals. Search Course Descriptions.

Students should review the course schedules to make sure that the class they want to take is being offered for the semester that they are attending. Search Class Schedules.

Once you complete the application process and receive your J-1 visa, you are ready to plan your semester here at Columbus State University. Upon arrival you will attend orientation and begin classes.

Once you have completed your courses your academic transcripts will be sent to your home institution.

Accepted Students applying for J-1 (exchange) visas need to provide:

  1. Letter of Financial Guarantee from their home institution indicating what is covered (tuition, fees, room, meal plan). CSU will provide a form letter to your institution that they can fill in.
  2. Bank statement or a letter from their bank showing proof of available personal funds for expenses not covered by the home institution (books, insurance, personal).
  3. Immunizations are also required prior to the start of the semester classes.

Additional Resources

Printable Immunization Form (PDF)

Required Information for all J-1 students

Ask Cody

Ask Cody