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Transportation - Columbus State University

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University Operations


Bike and Walking Paths

Biking groupColumbus State University is a bike friendly University that offers easy access to our Main Campus along with our Riverpark Campus. All pathways are handicap accessible which allows bicyclists to travel with ease throughout the entire University. Bike racks have been strategically placed throughout the university for easy storage when not in use, e.g. LeNoir Hall and Clearview Hall; we even have skate board racks for students in a few key locations, such as the Davidson Center.

Bike Rack Locations Map for Main Campus (PDF)

We have several student and faculty led organizations that encourage bicycling which include

Avoiding Bike Accidents on the CSU Campus

Cyclists should be aware of the following safety concerns when riding on the CSU campus. The top reasons for bike accidents are:

  • Excessive speed on bike path
  • Using the bike path after dark
  • Ignoring stop signs
  • Loose sand or gravel on roadway or path
  • Avoiding unexpected animals (squirrels, snakes, deer)
  • Pedestrians (weaving in and out of, or avoiding those who cross in front of you)
  • Vehicles (opening car doors, backing out into your path of travel)
  • Other cyclist (crowding, merging, weaving)

Bus Shuttles

Bike Rack on a BusCSU transports students and faculty/staff between Main and RiverPark campuses along with other stops including Piggly Wiggly. For a detailed shuttle schedule please view the transportation schedule posted online.

All Riverpark stops include: Cherokee West/East, Piggly Wiggly West/East, Frank D. Brown building, Fountaine Blvd, Oglethorpe 1st st & 10th st, On Arsenal, and Carpenter building.

All Main Campus stops include: Maryland Circle, Courtyard One, Courtyard One North, and the Davidson Center.

Map Key:

6A= Cherokee West
6B= Cherokee East
Shopping to RP= Piggly Wiggly West
Shopping to MC= Piggly Wiggly East
1= Fountaine Blvd
7=Riverpark 10th st and Broad st.

*Library stops are request stops and only for CSU residents who need to get to their dorm after 11pm. You must fill out the form at least 24hrs ahead of time. This form can be found on the CSU shuttle schedule website listed above.

Electric Charging Stations

Car Charging Station

We have multiple electric car charging stations located on our Main and River Park Campus!

Charging stations are located:

  • In the Main Campus parking deck
  • University Hall (Lot 14)
  • Cunningham Center parking lot
  • River Park Campus (Dillingham parking lot)

Electric Vehicles

Car Charging Station
  • Facilities currently has 23 environmentally friendly electric carts!!
  • Power consumption, necessary to charge each cart, can be tracked!
  • Facilities and University Police utilize various modes of transportation to include electric carts, Segways, and T3s for completing tasks throughout campus.
  • This is a continuing effort for the campus to become more reliant on electric vehicles and other eco-friendly ideas.

Fuel Efficiency

CSU considers fuel efficiency for all vehicle purchases, hence EcoBoost engines are used. EcoBoost is a combination of turbocharged and direct fuel injection engines that improves fuel economy with the use of less engine power. (Ford EcoBoost: What is it? - DeMuro, 2013)

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