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Message from the Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability exists to develop an ethic, practice and culture of sustainability throughout Columbus State University, and to serve as a sustainability education and training resource for individuals and organizations within the university and in local, regional, national, and international communities.

The Office works to foster a culture and practice of sustainability on campus that is expressed throughout the University's instructional, research, outreach, and operational activities. The Office also offers sustainability-relation education and training, as well as planning and decision-making workshops and seminars for business, government, civic, and other groups.

Sustainability is about creating a better future. As a result, our work is aspirational and future-focused. We are committed to a servant leadership approach in working for the common good. Hope and expectation of progress are essential to our work.

We work to enable others to realize their ability and power to be co-creators of the future, and we engage people in specific, relevant efforts that make a difference in achieving a sustainable society.

Columbus State University is participating in the Green Thread Initiative through Aramark. (click link for more information) and is a member of the College & University Recycling Coalition (CURC) their goal is to help you in facilitating the exchange of technical knowledge and best practices on recycling and waste reduction programs among institutions of higher education.


The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia awarded Columbus State an Innovation Award for Adaptive Reuse of Howard Hall, allowing CSU to renovate instead of new construction. (2015)

CSU obtained a Green Campus Award in 2008 by using "green" chemicals for cleaning.

CSU obtained the Bicycle Friendly Award from The League of American Bicyclists for our remarkable commitment to bicycling (2018-2022).

CSU was awarded an Energy Grant to fund:

  • Installation of motion sensors
  • Installation of 2 sets of solar panels(Soccer Field & the other on the roof of Morrow Clubhouse)
  • Replacement of T12 light bulbs to energy efficient T8 light bulbs
  • Installation of LED bulbs for pathway lighting

Certification in Principles & Strategies for Campus Sustainability
Certification in Sustainable Campus Operations
Certification in Campus Sustainability Best Practices & Implementation
Certification in Advanced Certificate in Campus Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability Committee

This committee is responsible for: serving in an advisory role in the effort to reduce the institution's ecological footprint through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions campus-wide enhancing the institution's efforts at environmental stewardship promoting the concepts of sustainability and environmental ethics in the curriculum

Committee Membership for the 2019 - 2020 Academic Year is:

  • Troy Keller
  • David Mitchell
  • Clifton Ruehl
  • Eric VanBibber
  • Amanda Rees
  • Mark Mccarthy
  • Terence Jones
  • William Gunter
  • Avalandria Dixon

Student Representatives

  • Maya Davis

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